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Rev. P. Addo

The Expatriate
by Peter Addo

African by birth, urbane, yet casual

Royalty by blood, literate, yet colloquial

One can attribute it to all sorts of things

A Scholar by avocation;

Yet believer in the tradition of the elders

An alien in a strange land

It never sounds glorious to me

Of diverse intellectual passion,

Each word becomes past

Such is the polluted air of life:

It surrounds and engulfs

Stumbling and incoherent even to myself

Two people encased in one soul

An alien; squeezing essential meaning

Each day into a divided life.

Sophisticated; yet nonchalant

From Moscow to London, and from Washington to Bonn

Now he is free, but is he really?

One half never equals the other

Forever an alien in a strange land.

The Expatriate by Peter Addo

NDC And NPP Agree with National Security on Measures to Deal With Post Election Skirmishes

GBC, Dec 14, Ghanadot - The National Chairmen of the NDC and NPP have agreed to rope in supporters to avoid blood shed. This follows a crunch meeting between the two parties and National Security. An official of the National Security, Col Emmanuel Nibo, told Radio Ghana that the meeting was in a friendly environment.  . ..More

The Kenyan Rigging Module

DailyGuide, Dec 14, Ghanadot - What unfolded last week when Ghanaians cast their votes has been described as a classic instance of electoral thievery, a case akin to what took place in Kenya in December 2007. ..More



Did Ghana Vote For Corruption?

Daily Guide, Dec 14, Ghanadot - How would Ghanaians vote for a government which has presided over the collapse of one of the biggest social interventions ever introduced in our body polity, I mean the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) which offers the poor the opportunity to access healthcare delivery at no immediate cost to them, decide that they will vote for the total collapse of the scheme? ...More

Despite disputes over an election result, Ghana is still a success story

The Economist, Dec 14, Ghanadot - In Ghana’s presidential and parliamentary elections, decided on December 7th, the arguments were not about ideas but about the results. The incumbent, John Mahama, won by a whisker, with 50.7% of the vote. His opponent, Nana Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party, claims that technical glitches which prolonged voting allowed the ruling National Democratic Congress to tamper with the votes.......More

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