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How Rawlings Raped Ghana Over 20 Years (Part 2)


In our last submission we provided information on Ex President of Ghana Jerry John Rawlings physicalAssets and how with the support of cronies and the entire political structure, he looted Ghana to buy properties at home and abroad.

We continue with more information about how Ex President Jerry John Rawlings with the support of two key croniescurrent President John Atta Mills then a tax cmmissioner and Tsatsu Tsikata, aka Financial Wizard continued the looting after pretending for decades to be Ghana’s saviour.

We are currently trying to locate Mr Richard Seglah, One time PNDC Secretary for Volta Region. He had to flee for his life to the US after unlocking some dark secrets of the Rawlingses and Kojo Tsikata regarding the killings of the judges and the mysterious ownership of the Labadi Beach hotel . we hope he will search his conscience to come out and tell us the dark secrets of the Mr Rawlings 25 billion dollar financial empire.

This time we focus on his financial wealth.

The good people of Ghana must remove the transitional Provisions in the National Constitution so that future heads of state would not hide under bogus indeminity clauses , pretending to be holier than thou while stealing money to amass wealth worldwide!!!!

At long last and after painful research at the risk of our lives and evading National security and their proxies, we publish the second list which show Mr Rawlings has hidden the stolen billions belonging to Ghanaians!!!

1. United Kingdom: 3 bank Accounts with three british banks: Barclays Bank, MediCapital Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland.
Breakdown of financial Balance
Barlcays Bank-2.5 million Pounds
Medicapital Bank(A private Bank)-5 million pounds
Royal Bank of Scotland-700.000 pounds

2. The British Virgin Islands:Offshore accounts totalling 12 million Dollars

3. Congo Republic: Bank of Africa Deposit Account laundered by close friend and sponsor Congolese Dictator Denis Sassou Nugesso -25 million dollars

4.Libya: Gold Vault with Gold Bars and metal coins in Benghazi worth 15 million dollars

5 South Africa:

  • Shares in Randgold worth 13 million South African Rand

  • Financial Instruments and Government Bonds worth 25 million South African Rand.

6 Switzerland: Officials refused to divulge any information on alleged 70 million dollars in private bank accounts, invoking the Official secrets act relating to Swiss Private Banking.

More to be revealed in part 3 as we seek to entangle the spiders web of Tax evasion kickbacks, bribes, houses built and registered in peoples names etc.

Culled by Abdul Mohammed and Harriet Mills Robertson



China's imperialism on full display


Commentary, Dec 13, Ghanadot - Their illegal claim to essentially the entire South China Sea, which they have declared a "core interest," is a case in point. ....




Matters arising, Article 71 and the Chinery-Hesse Commission’s Report

Commentary, Jan 14, Ghanadot - A constitutional issue was raised when a member of Parliament (MP) for Atwima Mponua, Mr Isaac Asiamah, described as “unconstitutional the current salaries being paid public office holders listed under Article 71 of the 1992 Constitution,” as reported on December 29, 2010 by a Daily Graphic on-line article....

Ghana’s oil discovery: Lessons from Nigeria

Commentary, Jan 13, Ghanadot - The news filtered around the international media recently that Ghana will start pumping its oil, estimated to be a minimum of 1 billion barrels in reserve. However, this news has been met with both joy and fear. Joy because this means Ghana now joins the league of oil producing countries,with the attendant streams of petrol Dollar in revenue.. ...

Atta Mills’ Ramshackle Pan-African Calculus

Commentary, Jan 16, Ghanadot - Mills’ u-turn on an Ecowas agreed probable plan to use military intervention against Laurent Gbagbo makes his Pan-Africanism vision suspect in the face of actual African democratic test.

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