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NOKIA cell phone explodes killing user...

Feb 5 - Since we all use mobile phones very regularly, we need to be careful and must keep safety in mind at all times.

A few days ago, a young man was recharging his NOKIA cell phone at home. Just at that time a call came in and he answered it with the instrument still connected to the electrical outlet.

After a few seconds,  electricity started flowing in unrestrained, to charge the cell phone, .  The surge was so high that the young man was thrown to the ground with a heavy thud.




Watch slide - Damage done by one careless mistake


His parents rushed to the room only to find him unconscious, with a weak heartbeat and burnt fingers.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Cell phones are a very useful modern invention. However, we must be aware that it can also be an instrument of death. Never use the cell phone while it is hooked to the electrical outlet!

Sally Bentsi-Enchill, VA, USA







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Parliament urges Black Stars on

Accra, Feb. 5, Ghanadot/GNA - Issues of transparency in ticketing and moderation in victory celebrations took centre stage on the floor of Parliament on Tuesday as members praised the Black Stars for their performance in the on going tournament and urged them on.....More


Ghana’s economic performance praised at WTO

Accra, Feb. 05, Ghanadot/GNA - The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has commended Ghana for its impressive economic performance over the past few years, with high real GDP growth rates, decreasing inflation, improved fiscal situation, and substantial progress in poverty reduction.
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Absent Drogba 'stripped of award'

Feb 5, BBC - Drogba was named Africa's Player of the Year in 2006 Didier Drogba says he does not wish to be considered for future African player of the year awards after Frederic Kanoute won the 2007 title. ...



Fair rates promote more business - practitioners of tourism industry told
Accra, Feb. 5, Ghanadot/GNA - The Ghana Tourism Society (GTS) has appealed to stakeholders in the tourism industry, especially private companies that have enjoyed tax rebates and exemptions to ensure that their prices and rates were commensurate to their services.

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