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    March 11, 2016

Old women are not witches, says Hajia Jamila Boateng
By Abdul Salam Sule

Accra, May 14, Ghanadot - The Eastern Regional President of the Ahmadiya Women Association, Hajia Jamila Boateng has dispelled the perception that old women between the ages of 60 years and above are mostly witches.

According to her, those women are wrongly accused and it is a result of their poor family background.

The Eastern Regional President of the Ahmadiya Women Association said this at Nkawkaw in the Eastern Region during the annual convention of the Islamic sect.

Speaking on the theme 'superstition, a barrier to national development', Hajia Jamila said, at the age of 60, women experience their menopausal syndrome and as part of the symptoms, they sometimes become talkative.

"But being a talkative does not mean one is witch and it is important that perception is dispelled", she said.

She observed that, there are equally old age men who are above the age of 60 years and it is very hard to hear them being referred as wizards but for women it is easy to falsely accused them as witches.

She noted that, the educated and successful Ghanaians never accused their mothers as witches but the unsuccessful ones are the victims.

Hajia Jamaila Boateng has therefore called on the Ghanaian youth to work hard and become successful in life and spared calling their innocent mothers witches.

For her part, the guest speaker of the programme, Hajia Yusif said, some pastors and spiritualists have cultivated the habit of accusing old and innocent women as witches and called on them to desist from that act.



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