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Food and Drugs Board declares war on illegal herbal drugs
By Awudu Salami Sule, Ghanadot

Accra, July 12, Ghanadot - As health care gets increasingly expensive in many African countries, a growing number of people are turning to traditional herbal medicine.

The World Health Organisation estimates seven out of 10 people in Africa rely on traditional herbal medicine. In many countries however, these drugs are not certified and their use raise safety concerns.

In Ghana for instance, it is common to hear from traditional herbalist proclaiming how one herbal drug could cure about 20 diseases. Also, the dosage on these herbal drugs and its expiry dates are most often not known.

The situation is no different at the various herbal clinics who many Ghanaians believed operate under license from the Food and Drugs Board. It was recently discovered by the authorities of Food and Drugs board that most of the drugs that are being administered by some of the herbal clinics are not certified by the board and therefore poses great danger to the health of the general public.
Also, most of these herbal clinics have no equipment to diagnose a disease and therefore employed unorthodox and unhygienic means for that.

With the upsurge in illegal activities of some of the herbal clinics, many Ghanaians are wondering whether the Foods and Drugs Board has the teeth to bite. The Food and Drugs Board is charged with the responsibility of determining the quality, safety and efficacy of herbal drugs and other imported drugs.

Dr Agyeman Dua, Director of herbal drugs has said, the board has never relent over its responsibility of ensuring that safety herbal drugs are administered.
He told Ghanadot in an interview that, his outfit has waged war on illegal activities of some of the herbal clinics and it is achieving results.

"Everyday we visit herbal clinics for inspection and we make sure they operate in line with our policy", he said.

He has however call on Ghanaians to report to his outfit herbal drugs that they think is causing harm to the general public for quick expulsion from the market.

"We cannot identify all the illegal drugs in the system and it behoves on Ghanaians to help us fight this menace by giving us useful information", Dr Agyemang added.








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