Santa and the kids


Christmas keeps giving

Commentary, Dec 15, Ghanadot - There may be cultural and historical objections to a white Santa for those of us from Africa. We may thus complain about the racial insensitivity, or of a cultural misappropriation of a foreign image. And this may be a valid charge.

But that charge should not negate the good will and joy that undergird the imagery.  Nor deny that we, as Africans, possess the same qualities in our own affairs.




On J. H. Mensah, an epitome of a patriot - E. Ablorh-Odjidja
A matter of symbolism is Obama's Official Portrait - E. Ablorh-Odjidja


Facing globalism, the modern colonial interest

Commentary, Nov 14, Ghanadot -  It is fascinating how some Africans imbibe news from Europe that support globalism.

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The Africa Youth Population Boom worries Bill Gates?

Commentary, Sept 23, Ghanadot - Bill Gates, of course, is a big philanthropist. He has a big voice in the world, including an Africa that is always ready, cup in hand to receive aid, despite her huge advantages in natural wealth...

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The Fear of a World Without the Mosquito  

Commentary, Nov 10, Ghanadot -  For start, can science bring back the mosquito, once it is determined that something worst than malaria is the outcome of the "gene drive" experiment?

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Mohammed Ali, a personal note remembered
 Commentary, June 05, Ghanadot - Mohammed Ali visited Ghana in 1964, after gaining the World Heavyweight Championship title. I was then an Upper Sixth student at Labone Secondary School. He was gracious enough to visit the school, after my persuasion.


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