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March 12, 2015

Lucas Amuri responds to: 



Dear editor,

I wish to comment on the above article as follows: the kingdom of Cush from which the author says Ayi Kushi led the Ga-dangbe to Ayawaso was in today's Ethiopia, not in Jerusalem, Israel.


Furthermore the Israelites were in Kemet or ancient Egypt for 400 years and certainly must have imbibed a number of aspects of the local culture including religion which influenced their Torah and even the Christain Bible. I refer to the Osirian drama, the Trinity (Auser-Auset-Heru), the Book of the Dead, the coffin text, the 147 negative confessions that were distilled into the 10 Commandments etc.


Thus, it might rather be that the Israelites borrowed from Ga-Dangbe culture during their stay in Kemet or Egypt rather than the other way round. It should be noted that the 25th dynasty of Kemet of Egypt is often called the Cushite dynasty because the country was ruled by the Pharoahs from the kingdom of Cush until 664 BC when Egypt was attacked by the Assyrians and from there never recovered as they were followed by the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans and finally the Arabs.


One giveaway from the Ga-Dangbe names the author mentions is Amon which was the name of the ancient Egyptian God, sometimes called Amen or Amen-Ra. Also Gai is the name for God in Kikuyu in todays Kenya. The author and readers who so wish might see the bibliography below for more material.


Lucas Amuri

1- 'AFRICA: mother of Western civilization by Ben Yosef Jochannan
2- 'Black man on the Nile by id
3- 'The African origins of western religions' id
4- 'When we ruled ' by Robin Walker
5- 'The destruction of black civilisation' by Chancellor Williams
6- 'Christianity before Christ' by John James
7- 'Stolen Legacy' by George James
8- 'African glory' by de Graft-Johnson
9- 'African origins of western civilisation' by Cheikh Anta Diop
10- Books by J.A. Rogers and John Hendrik Clarke





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