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Ghana ranks 7th in Africa on Ibrahim Index but reflects deterioration in governance

GBC, Oct 07, Ghanadot - Ghana ranks 7th in Africa in the latest Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG), but the Index notes that governance in the country has been deteriorating since 2011......More



The Secret Project That Conquered Malaria – and Led to a Nobel Prize

US News, Oct 07, Ghanadot - Indeed, contrary to popular assumptions that Maoist China was summarily against science and scientists, the Communist party-state needed the scientific elite for certain political and practical purposes.
....Medicine, particularly when it also involved foreign relations, was one such area. In this case, it was the war in Vietnam and the scourge of malaria that led to the organization of Project 523...

Governance sliding back in a third of African nations, warns Ibrahim index

Guardian, Oct 07, Ghanadot - Some 21 of the 54 states ranked, including five of the top 10, have deteriorated in overall governance performance since 2011, the annual index found...The top three countries in the index remain Mauritius, Cape Verde and Botswana. The bottom three are Central African Republic (CAR), South Sudan and Somalia .....More


7 judges in Ghana suspended after corruption claims

SouthCoast, Oct 07, Ghanadot - " Ghana's judicial service says seven high court judges have been suspended following corruption allegations by a journalist..... statement released Monday, the Judicial Council said the decision was made following the judges' "stated misbehavior.".........More


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