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, (Ghana Daily On-Line Times), is managed by the Emerging Media Institute, Ghana.  It is the premier news source for breaking news on Ghana and also an outlet for video expressions from Ghanaians in the Diaspora.


Our philosophy:


Ghanadot has the intention to contribute to the social/political discourse on Ghana.  As part of our mission, we extend the same service to matters concerning the African world because if it touches Ghana, it touches Africa.  We are pan-African in outlook.

We maintain, as purveyors of news in a developing nation such as ours, that emphasis on the positive matters; that much is bound to happen that is yet to be categorized, understood and passed on as information to the world. We believe that highlighting the positive, rather than the sensational helps.


Method of approach

Our pages are refreshed daily.


Our prevailing interest is that you get the news first from our pages. We publish original articles as well as aggregate and amplify news items that have universal messages pertaining to our existential interests by providing links to their sources on the web.


Another is our wish and assurance that articles brought to our pages are informative, educational and entertaining - above the gory detailed level of mere scandal driven prurient reportage.


We have added video contents to our pages. Your personal videos, if they meet our publication standards and requirements, can be seen on our VIDEO page.


Also, Citizen Journalists in the Diaspora and at home can submit their news items and opinion pieces for publication.:  We are always seeking citizen journalists. Opinion pieces and breaking news in your part of the world will be considered and published should they meet our requirements.


Note:  Articles from the above sources must be professionally written, fact-and spell-checked. We offer NO financial compensation at this time, only the opportunity to show your work, which may lead to rewarding opportunities for you later as a writer. 


We will assume, by submitting your work to us, that the work is ORIGINAL and not in violation of any existing creative work agreements.


All reasonable requests for publication of articles submitted - opinions or rejoinders - will be considered as an input and will be acted upon expeditiously. 


All requests have to be submitted through a valid email address and signed with verifiable phone number included in the mail. Even so, and essentially more, we declare here that we are not responsible for errors in opinions in articles submitted to us and published.


To our readership and contributors:


We may inadvertently publish a story that may not be factual or be linked to one that is also not. Please feel free in that event to write a rejoinder or ask for  removal of the item.


To respond to an article or an opinion pieces, please note that we require no less than 200 words. Also, civility is our primary requirement for responses. You may send it to: The Editor,


Article written by another, brought to us as a recommendation, should carry reference of the origin web address and/or email address of the sender. 


All articles, if published, will be dated with reference to the day received, not the date the piece was written.


To join us as a citizen journalist, send your written articles to: .  Or if interested in the writing profession and will be interested in our seminars, you can write to the publisher for particulars.

Events publication:  To put your event on our announcement page, send info to .  It is free.

Advertising:  To send advertising enquiries email us at: .  Or call 027-726-3217  In the US call 917-655-4669..

Readers' comments:  To send reader's response on articles read, send email to us at

Information:  Please send inquiries to .

Corporate Information

c/o Emerging Media Institute
P. O. Box 6023

Accra North

Accra, Ghana

Tel: 917--655-4669 (US)



E. Ablorh-Odjidja, Publisher
Alain Momdjol, Webmaster







Online comments: is the space below the line too toxic or can they be fixed?

GuardianUK, Jan 31, Ghanadot -  First, a note from the publisher of Ghanadot:  Many of our readers have wondered why we discourage short responses to articles on this site.  We take pride in bringing to your attention the following article that has the same low view of what we call "drive-by comments" and note that we came to this decision some eight years ago.  Now, read




Have you ever wondered: “why was I put on this earth?”

Review, Jan 31, Ghanadot - I often wondered why, among all the hundreds of millions of young people in Africa, I had been so lucky to get these opportunities, especially when there was so much poverty, hunger, and general despair among my fellow Africans. ......More


Malaria protein may hold key for cancer cure, scientists say

FoxNews, Nov 17, Ghanadot - Researchers seeking a vaccine to protect pregnant women against malaria have stumbled across what they believe to be a potential cancer treatment. In cell cultures and mice with multiple forms of the disease, malaria proteins armed with a toxin sought out and absorbed cancer cells, released the toxin and then destroyed the cells, according to a news release........More



“15 more Gitmo detainees expected in Ghana”

Ghanaweb, Jan 01, Ghanadot - Member of Parliament for Manhyia, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh is alleging that President John Dramani Mahama negotiated for 17 Guantanamo Bay detainees and not two as claimed by Ghana government officials....More

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