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Linda Annan, Editor

Linda A Annan, editor-in-chief of Obaasema Magazine

Kobina Annan, Jr.


Born and raised in Ghana, Linda A Annan editor-in-chief of Obaasema Magazine is a hard-working, ambitious, tenacious Ghanaian woman who goes after what she wants in life to achieve success.

Being a Ghanaian woman in a profession dominated by men Linda tries as hard as she can not to look at herself as a minority or fall into the trap of always screaming about victimization, whether by race or gender, though she does acknowledge the existence of inequality.

Linda received her education at Bernard M. Baruch College, New York; with a BA in Corporate Communication/Business Journalism (2005). She believes in challenging herself to go beyond a set norm and continues to prosper with her endeavors.

Linda’s bright warm personality is quite evident as she talks about her magazine full of positive energy and passion. She says, “It was a combination of different things that lead to the creation of Obassema magazine. One of them was a need to establish a publication with meaningful tools and information for African women. I also wanted to create a platform that would expose the world to the lives of Africans and hopefully help wipe off the ignorant views many people hold about us.”

Obaasema magazine is an African women’s webzine published monthly. The aim of the webzine is to empower and inspire women to aspire for meaningful things in life. The magazine covers different areas of interest to women, particularly in beauty, relationships, spirituality and sections for women-related issues. Health pieces are also featured to provide useful information to educate our communities about specific health issues.

Their profile section of the magazine highlights the lives of Africans, particularly men and women, in the hopes of inspiring others to emulate their steps and show a different side of Africans to the world. They also feature album reviews in the Entertainment section as another form of exposure and culture of our African people to others.

Linda has been the editor for Obaasema magazine for a year. She was inspired by her journalism professor, Charles Riley, to become a writer and editor. Linda says, “My journalism professor, Charles Riley, was a great inspiration while I was in college because he made me believe that I had something to offer as a journalist. It’s almost like journalism is a part of me, it’s an indescribable feeling when I think about the word itself and what it’s all about.”

African women like Ms. Linda A. Annan are essential to world of journalism because of the creative talents they have to spread the word about issues we all face like healthcare, relationships, and social issues. Continue to show support for Linda A. Annan and her magazine Obaasema.

Editor-in-Chief: Laannan@obaasema.com



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