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Christ figure in a stained glass representation at Methodist Church, Arlington, VA

Ghana Wesley United Methodist Church honors Prof. Albert Wright for good work
December 27, 2009, Arlington, Virginia, USA

Citation read by Brother Joseph Andorful, Worship Leader


Bro. Albert Wright, affectionately called Prof, I am greatly honored to stand here today as one of the 13 founding fathers and mothers of this God’s church to appreciate, honor and thank you for the valuable and magnificent work you did as caretaker for the Church.

You held the position of caretaker from October 21, 2001 when the church was born through May 1, 2005 when we got a pastor. Again, you resumed the position of caretaker from July 29, 2007 when our pastor left us unceremoniously until December 1, 2009 when we found a new pastor—in the person of Pastor Emmanuel Nkrumah.
I first met Prof in July 2000 at the residence of Dr. Ben. Gyepi-Garbrah during one of the series of meetings which birthed Gaddiel Acquaah Memorial Methodist Church. His contributions to the issues discussed at the meeting warmed my heart and I thanked God for bringing such an experienced and wise man into our fold. His presence at the meeting was not by accident but by God’s design. Prof was therefore, the obvious choice when it became necessary that we select a caretaker for GWUMC after we broke away from Gaddiel Acquaah Memorial Church in October 2001.

Right after your selection, you began throwing your energy, passion, and training into full gear for this church (GWUMC).

The spiritual journey that God commissioned you to take us through suddenly became bumpy and rough because Satan immediately put on his devilish armor to do everything in his wicked power to thwart your efforts of leading the church in the direction that would glorify God’s name. Satan did his worst to divide the church, especially the leadership. With all the humiliation, spiritual battle, and bad-mouthing which I know did physically drained you and got you frustrated, you kept calm and unruffled on the surface, and waded through muddy waters, with intense prayers and God’s guidance. These challenges in a way strengthened you spiritually because you used the armor of God to fight off these spiritual challenges.

I remember somewhere in the early 2003, you seriously considered giving up the position of caretaker, when some church members frustrated you with their persistent requests of finding a pastor for the church. It will amuse you to know that some were even speculating that you wanted to go to a Bible School and become a pastor that was why you were deliberately delaying to find a pastor for the church. However those of us closer to you, knew the frantic efforts you were making in that direction. I also remember vividly that one day during the frustrating moments, you invited me to your home on my way from work and revealed to me your earnest desire to step down as caretaker of the church. You added that however, on the previous night while lying in bed with your eyes widely open, you heard distinctly a voice asking you a question as to why you wanted to give up that position. That voice told you emphatically that the church belonged to Him (God) and that you had been given the position of caretaker in order to take care of His (God’s) children. I know that revelation frightened you, but it also assured you to continue with what God has charged you to do, regardless of all odds. You have since had the joy to do the Father’s will.

Prof, you took up the torch and waved it wide; the torch that lighted time’s thickest gloom.

Prof your earthly loss is heavenly gain.

Prof, you are a Gimper and role model to GWUMC members because you are somebody who does more than expected of him.

Prof, your abilities, experience, training, personality which embodies your temperament, disposition and character, your willingness, strengths, expectation of others to perform God’s assigned responsibilities, all endeared you as a father, friend, mentor, advisor, leader, manager, guide, and a buddy.

Prof, the entire Ghana Wesley family is thanking you today and praying to God to bless you indeed and enlarge your territory and for God’s hand to be with you and your family for ever and ever.

Well done and thank you.

Note:  Professor Albert Wright, a renown sanitation and water development engineer, teacher, researcher, innovator, and a devout Christian (affectionately called THE ARCHDEACON by this publisher) has been a pillar, a vast resource person, and a father figure for many within the community at Ghana Wesley United Methodist Church and, indeed, also, for many in the larger community of Africans in the Washington metropolitan area.

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Dr. & Mrs Albert Wright, award presentation

The award of recognition and honor

Mrs Wright, Morgan Wright (grand daughter) and Mrs Nyianin (left)

Rev. Emmanuel Nkurmah (left) & Dr. Wright

Brother Joseph Andorful, reading the citation

The Sunday "Schoolers," at the award ceremony


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Ghana Wesley United Methodist Church Arlington, VA, honors Prof. Albert Wright for good work

Arlington, VA, Dec 27, Ghanadot - The Ghana Wesley Methodist Church, Arlington, VA, honored Professor Albert Wright this past Sunday, December 27, 2009.
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