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Armed robbery on the rise

By Nii

February 25, 2010


Sadly to say, two days ago, my Auntie Nancy (Mom's sister) was assaulted in her home in Teshie Nungua, Ghana, by armed robbers.
They beat her up badly and cut her face up without cause.
She lost one eye, can barely see out of the other (doctors are trying to save other eye), has a dismembered face and is in ICU at Korle Bu; having been operated on for about 12 hours in last 2 days.

Apparently the armed robbers found nothing, yet went ahead and acted like savage animals in carrying out this act.

She usually went to the neighbors in the morning to chat.
This particular morning she did not come, so they went to her house.

Eventually, the police came...broke down the door and inside was my Auntie in a pool of blood.

Needless to say, I was quite shocked and extremely upset to hear about this SAVAGE act. God help any of these robbers should they be found....because I am WIDE AWAKE.

The only lead we have right now is that her TV was stolen three weeks ago (we suspect the same savages). Obviously, someone knows what's up. The world is a "f'ed up" place.

I wrote this piece because you too are from the homeland (Africa) and/or have visited the great country of Ghana or other African countries.

Armed robbery is a true and brutal state, but certainly not representative of most African nations or Ghana.

Sometimes the poor, due to lack of income, and those on drugs and other forces take these kind of brutal measures to support their habit or self.

Nevertheless, armed robbery seems to be on the rise.
Personally, I know of other friends who have been robbed at home, attempted robbery at home, cell phones jacked, etc.

PLEASE DO WARN your family, relatives, friends and colleagues to be VIGILANT, SAFE and always ALERT of interactions with people and their surroundings.

Also, ask them to take necessary precautions:
-Lock outside doors, gates (stack heavy items behind non-usage doors/entrances)
-Lock inside doors to rooms
-Have an emergency plan in case of a break-in
-People to check on you/them periodically
-Assess security measures at home & weak points of entry
-Know where the house boys/girls come (reside) from & who comes to visit or interact with them
-Lock car doors while driving & do not stop at red lights late at night (always keep moving even if you slow down)
-If any situation looks or smells funny, WALK away immediately....or RUN
-Any others you can think of

Armed robbery can occur at your house, on the streets (cell phone/money grabs) or at any strategic/weak location where you are at risk.

Ladies, if you can, please try and have a male or other female friends be with you when going out at night. Females are most at risk all the time, wherever in the world.

Other than that, PRAY it will not happen to you, your family or any friends.

When I am in Accra, I am always on ALERT and i take no B S from any1.  There's a fine line in being cordial & friendly, yet being firm, aware and making sure you are not a victim (at home or on the streets).

As I mentioned, CONTACT your people back home (whether in Ghana or your country).

As always, BE SAFE.


PS: "Auntie Nancy did lose her right eye and the left eye is on course to be salvaged, but still remains in critical condition on an array of other injuries (severe body blows, disfigured face, battered head) related to the armed robbery in Teshie Nungua." She is 72 years old and remains in critical condition at Korle Bu Hospital. We will surely use every means to go after the savage fools.


Sent as email letter February 25, 2010





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Armed robbery on the rise

Social, Feb25, Ghanadot - Sadly to say, two days ago, my Auntie Nancy (Mom's sister) was assaulted in her home in Teshie Nungua, Ghana, by armed robbers. They beat her up badly and cut her face up without cause. She lost one eye, can barely see out of the other..

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