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The 75th year anniversary exhibition of Prof. Ablade Glover
Audrey Micah, Ghanadot

Accra, Aug 21, Ghanadot -
One of Ghana’s foremost and top best known painters in Africa, Professor Ablade Glover, celebrated his 75th birthday at the Artists Alliance Gallery in Accra last week.

In marking the day, he exhibited a selection of work which he said revealed his lifelong passion for "life, activity and colour."

The paintings at the exhibition hall for Alliance Artists were splendor to behold.





Using warm pigments expressive of the sun and heat of Ghana, Professor Glover‘s paintings depicted vibrant scenes of the exuberance of life in Africa; of bustling market stalls, brightly-attired crowds and energy of the people of his country.

According to him, oil painting has an integral role to play in the contemporary arts of Africa, both as a means of individual expression and as a potent medium in which to record and celebrate the visual richness of the continent.

In an interview with Ghanadot, Ms. Aanaa Enin, the guest of honour for the occasion, also disclosed that art forms an important part of our traditional way of life and that our ancestors created images and worshiped them.


To Ms. Enin, the fact that these images became the object of worship of our ancestors did not and should not negate the aesthetic content or value of these objects.

Prof. Atukwei Okai, a member of the Pan-African Writers Association also in attendance, in an interview with Ghanadot, congratulated Professor Ablade Glover, saying that "art is the only thing that reminds us of the things that make us thick."


He said art played a pivotal role in man’s everyday life.

He called on the press to help Ghanaian artists by providing them exposure through the various media and to always uphold respect for the artist and art exhibitions.

Professor Glover was until recently the Dean of the College of Art and Head of the Department of Art Education at the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, where he taught for twenty-nine years.

As one of the best known painters in Africa today, Professor Glover has exhibited widely in Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Places he has exhibited include: The National Gallery of Art, Harare, Zimbabwe; The National Gallery of Art, Lagos, Nigeria; Gallery Pluriels in Abidjan, Ivory Coast; the Commonwealth Institute in London; World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) offices in Geneva; The World Bank Offices, Washington D.C., U.S.A.; and IFA Gallery in Bonn, Germany.

He has been collected extensively, and his works are represented in International and Institutional (both private and public) collections. These include: the Commonwealth Foundation in London; Ashanti Goldfields Company, Accra, Ghana; O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, U.S.A.; UNESCO Head Office in Paris, France; The World Bank, Accra, Ghana; Barclays Bank Ghana, Ltd.; and the Royal Collection of Prince and Princess Takamado of Japan.

Professor Glover was awarded the Distinguished AFGRAD Alumni Award, (AA1-USA) for 1992; and has been mentioned in the 1994 EGRAG Awards as the Fine Art Ambassador Extraordinaire, Ghana.


He is married to Esi Glover and has seven children.

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The 75th year anniversary exhibition of Prof. Ablade Glover

Accra, Aug 21, Ghanadot - One of Ghana’s foremost and top best known painters in Africa, Professor Ablade Glover celebrated his 75th birthday at the Artists Alliance Gallery in Accra last week.
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