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Ghana International Airlines – passengers ticket refund plight
Mrs. Mercy Adede Bolus

My son encouraged four friends from his college to go to Ghana with him to share their knowledge and skills with La Bone High School last May and to return in early July for a five week mini gap year trip.

They got no assistance from no-one, raised funds to buy books for the school through sponsored run and as well as worked hard to raise funds for their air tickets.


Being a patriotic Ghanaian, I recommended Ghana International Airlines when they asked for the cheapest airlines which flies direct. This was because of safety records in the past and more so being patriotic.

The group bought their tickets in February this year from a travel agent in London. Unfortunately, in early May, there were the uncertainties about Ghana International Airlines due to the volcanic clouds impacting on air travels. The students then approached the travelling agent for a refund of their monies so that they could rebook their flight elsewhere. However there was hesitation because no one had the answer as to what was happening. In order not to lose this opportunity the group borrowed money as they were determined to leave for Ghana as planned. Thankfully Virgin Atlantic came to the rescue so the trip went on as planned.

The five friends then started to ask for a refund from the travel agent however this did not go down well at all. The agent reassured the students and their parents to exercise patience for the refund process.

I then phoned Mr Gameli Nudanu customer support, who later then phoned the students whilst they were in Ghana to reassure them. On 29th August I emailed him regarding the refund but got a reply saying he was no longer with GIA and Anista Ashon will the person to contact.

I was aware of the government keen interest to ensure that all monies were refunded to would to be passengers. I first phoned and followed up with an email to Miss Anista Efua Ashon as the new customer support for GIA. She was interested and asked me for the tickets details of the five students. I quickly informed my agent who provided her with the details and copied me in.

I later follow up with a phone call to Miss Ashon to express my concerns regarding the refund. This was because the other parents were all expecting to hear some positive news about the refund. I emailed and phoned Miss Ashon on several occasions regarding the the five tickets and got replies assuring me that the money would be refunded into my account in Ghana.


Miss Ashon emailed me to find out whether we bought the tickets in the U.K or Ghana, which the travel agent also emailed to confirm. I called her on her mobile in October and to my horror she started being nasty to me on the phone. I could not believe what I was hearing and she added this is my own private mobile so rest assured that the refund would be paid.


I waited and called her as suggested. I followed up her instructions and called as requested and spoke to Miss Ashon.  However, she said she no longer worked for GIA and that she was looking at her own interest right now,  and added "won’t you Mrs Bolus?" I honestly do not know whether Miss Ashon got our ticket details for her purpose or not.

I need to know whether Ghana Government and from the Minister of Transport whether our refunds have been paid or not as the other parents are now fed up waiting and demanding to know precisely what is happening.


Thankfully I have all the evidence of my correspondence with Ghana International Airline. I am happy to speak to Minister of Transport and GIA management regarding this matter before deciding which avenue to take this matter. How could Ghanaians or foreigners ever trust any new Ghana Air line because when things go wrong there is no help?

If Ghana indeed wants to do business with the developed world then these are serious issues we need to address head on. I am afraid customer relations means nothing in Ghana. Some organisations simply have no clue of what it entails, let alone having a quality service. It is rather amazing for an employer of GIA Miss Anista Efua Ashon to tell a customer that she is looking at her own self interest from now on.


Mrs. Mercy Adede Bolus, UK, December 1, 2010


Ghana International Airlines – passengers ticket refund plight

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