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To Presecans - Message from Hon. Prof. Mike Oquaye, MP, Dome/kwabenya and 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament

September 15, 2010

It was a couple of years ago. I had been invited to participate in an evening event in Presec. To establish Odadee credentials, of course, I had to refer to the year of departure from the protection of the all-embracing mighty baobab tree which constitutes the pride of ancestry of all Presecans – Father Odadee.

My year of exit was 1962! I thought hitherto that I was quite a modern guy. After all, I too have seniors upon seniors who are agile and kicking with Presecan precision in all areas of human endeavour – nay, from archaeology to zoology.


But every wishful thinking of me too being on the road was violently jolted the moment I revealed to my juvenile audience that I had my marching orders from the Klufio/Datsa gate in 1962! Choruses resonated “Methuselah! “yieeh!” Cat calls galore! I was a “colo” gentleman indeed.

I thought I was a small boy – a young man. After all, Senior Prof Alex Amankwah, Senior Prof F.W.K. Akuffo, Senior Pharma Anim Addo et al whom I met as form five seniors extraordinaire while a miserable homo in 1958, are all booming with Prescan vibrancy. And do you know what? I soon gave my youthful listeners one vital “apor” – the first school Prefect of Presec – champion school Prefect, Metu of all Metus – was still alive, whole, hale, hearty and kicking on top of the Kwahu mountains! Look, Presecans never grow old. Metu ooooh Metu !

Gentlemen of Presec ; (but please remember we had some transient ladies at one time; sure they were only passing through as sixth formers till we stopped them in their tracts before they diluted the purity of Presec as a den of in-lumine-tuans of machoistic resolve). After all that is why our Presbyterian forefathers in their almost infinite wisdom built Aburi Girls. And that should remind me. I had one senior of blessed memory. Let his holy name remain silent. In five years, he polished his shoes only twice – once when good old Bampoe chased him round the “four-square” arena of Presec and secondly, when he reluctantly visited Aburi Girls for a debate between the boys of Moderator Rt Rev Odjidja and the girls of Synod Clerk Rev Kwansa. Those who do not know who they are should disqualify themselves from any Presec who-is-who contest. The ancient men, of course, know. After all, antiquity has its benefits.

One of the most painful experiences in life is to be without classmates. This was an insult constantly hurled against one of the military rulers of Ghana. Of course, that was not General Akuffo. That fine gentleman was a true Presec boy and his classmates are genuine guys. It can be proved with the scientific precision which our science laboratories have been known for. And we have proof thereof – everyone who studied in KNUST, Kumasi will tell you. Is it not curious that when Prof Bamfo Kwakye was Vice Chancellor, the Dean of Sciences, Head of Engineering, Pharma etc etc were all the sons of Odadee? And please don't ask me how scientific the labs used by Prof Wosornu (he taught me, you know?) were. The important thing is that his class and succeeding classes could top the whole WAEC exams throughout West Africa. For that matter the position of Director General of the Ghana Education Service was officially declared a Presec post. Do you know that? If not so what were these gentlemen - the late Owiredu, Prof Djangmah, Hon Tettey-Enyo - doing chopping that post just like that? If there is an old boy who likes that post, I tell you: just go for it, now, now. In the Presec terminology of my days, I say: "arise, Peter, kill and eat". What a school! And as for medicine, just look at my class of 1962. A little over one fifth of the class ended up as medical doctors. Where on earth do you have the most uncommon of all professions as the commonest in a year group? Oh, Presec, wonders will never end!

Lest I forget, I dedicate my humble ad hoc piece (written in Presec style, all in fifteen minutes as a bearer was waiting), to my bosom Dr. Yeboa Amoa. Everyone who knows what should be known, knows why! For jealousy and envy reasons and for the sake of global peace, I mention Dr. Graham, Dr Ayertey, Dr Botwe, Mantey Mensah, Prof Wellington, Nii Amartey, Pasoo, Prof Okorley E. T, Kumfo Thadeus, Adu Alex et al.

After all, I have to put myself in Presecan contest. Oh, what can we do without classmates? I am a true Presecan.

My task is done. If there is any credit, please extend it to a dedicated teacher called Vincent Okunor. If he teaches you English and you don't do well, may the angels in heaven help you. If you find any faults, "na who cause am? Tis that Presec small boy called Okantey who pushed me too hard and sent a lady to sit on my neck in my own office." -  Nay, in the House of Parliament. You know the instructions he sent? "I want my article". My article indeed ! These Presec boys, they are all soldiers. No wonder the military benefited from the late Col. Annor Odjidja, Brigadier Ofosu-Appiah and a galaxy of other Presecan brilliant military officers.

Mike Oquaye
Parliament House

16 September 2010

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To Presecans - Message from Hon. Prof. Mike Oquaye

Social, Sept 21, Ghanadot - It was a couple of years ago. I had been invited to participate in an evening event in Presec. To establish Odadee credentials, of course, I had to refer to the year of departure from the protection of the all-embracing mighty baobab tree which constitutes the pride of ancestry of all Presecans – Father Odadee. . ..

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