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All this talk of one-sided racism leaves me wondering
E. Ablorh-Odjidja

November 07, 2016

I am always told that Republicans are racists. This is not to ask whether racism exists or not. It still does virulently.

However, one thing I am convinced of is that with the current casual tag on racism, we have made it more hideous and invincible and our only weapon (the political system) against the practice very weak and ineffective in policing it.


I am saying this one sided ideological approach does not help.

Racism accusations are always against Republican candidates that run for offices like the US Presidency and never against Democrats.


The discrepancy is obvious.


The Denocrat party carries the most historical anti-black baggage.

So, I ask whether we, as Blacks, have learned anything from history?

Accusations of racism against Republicasn are found in the minutia.


With Trump, it starts because his father was said to have kicked blacks out of an apartment building he owned in New York City. And a poem by Woddy Guthrie, against the father in the 50s, is cited as evidence of the son's racism.


But current potests by the people of Haiti against the Hillary Clinton Foundation on charges of racism and embezzlement of relief funds are ignored.

Guthrie, a white man, was supposed to know more about racism!  


It was also the same Guthrie who said "If you want to learn something, just steal it—that's the way I learned from Lead Belly."


Lead Belly was a black folksinger.  He sang more about racism but is less remembered today than Woddy Guthrie.


Sadly, some blacks wouldn't notice Guthrie's self admitted theft.  But they are quick to put him on a pedestal just so they could call Trump a racist!


The other problem with citing Guthrie as a defender of the Black political view is he belonged to a generation when there were more virulent white racist politicians around who made laws that impacted harshly on the average black life than acts by Trump, the businessman's father.


Sadly, why was muse Guthrie silent on the far too many Democrats who were racists during his era?  I shall name a few for the fair-minded:

  1. Albert Gore, Sr, a Democrat, father of former V. P. Gore of the 2000 presidential race against Bush. Gore, Sr. opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Bush became the racist and  Gore, Jr, the champion of Black rights.

  2. Sen. Fulbright, a Democrat, mentor of former President Bill Clinton  and one of the authors of the Southern Manifesto, an anti Black Civil Rights document. He fillibustered and voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  His mentee Bill Clinton, became our eponymous first Black president of the United States.

  3. Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia, a Democrat, was a KKK chieftain. a fillibuster of the 1964 Act and a mentor of Hillary in her own words.  (Link to hear Hilarry's own words).  She has become the white hat to the "racist" Trump in this presidential race of 2016!

  4. Sen. Richard Russell, a Democrat, leader of the southern opposition to civil rights movement, filibursted and voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

  5. George Wallace of Alabama, a Democrat, was a darling of the Jim Crow crowd.

  6. Bull Connor of Birmingham, Alabama, a Democrat, was an icon of opposition to the Civil Rights movement of the 60s.

There are many more Democrat names that qualify for the above list.  All of the names remained Democrats to their last breath and none became Republicans as the myth makers would have us believe.

In an article titled What you might not know about the 1964 Civil Rights Act,” written April 10, 2014, by Alicia W. Stewart and Tricia Escobedo, CNN,  the workings and significance of the Bill were revealed. This is a must read, considering our current view on racism; that Republicans are racist.

Malcom X, who was said in the above article to have met with Martin Luther King, Jr at the passing of the Bill in Senate, later warned  about the herd mentality of Black politics, "You're A Political Chump!" He said.


The black vote for Democrats then was around 70%.  Today it is about 90%.

In all this, note the damage the one party leaning penchant has caused so far. A) A loss of political leverage. B) Weakening of the cry against real racism. 3) The dilution of real Black Civil Rights by the insistence on diversity.


The point here is are we putting liberal issues above our own interests?

There are two candidates for this election.  It is either Trump or Hillary.

There have been attempts to forge moral equivalencies between Trump and Hillary in their failings. But these attempts wouldn't hold for the rational mind.


You can argue that the private businessman Trump took advantage of exemptions on taxes and the law on bankruptcies. But, note he hid nothing from the law.


But what law permitted Secretary of State Hillary to have a private server ? 


What was the need for her to have this server against the law and then to have to wipe 30,000 files clean off it?


Nixon, in the Watergate scandal, put a 20 minute gap, on an analogue audio tape. That act was seen as the “smoking gun”. Consequently, he was forced out of the presidency.


Here we have a lady who wiped over 30,000 files clean off a server, worse offenses than Nixon and deeper character flaws as revealed by Wikileaks and she is still running for the Presidency!


Are we still in the United States or back in some Third World country?
Well, we should accept Hillary and all her faults because Trump is a racist and she is an Angel!
If corncerns of Hillary and the Clinton Foundation activities in Haiti have anything to do with charity, then there is more to the depravity in the charge of racism assigned to her by the people of Haiti than our kinfolks care to admit.
  (Check this Link)


Failing to label her behavior in Haiti as racist means, all the cries we make against racism denote nothing!


Hillary cheated on Haiti and cheated in the debates (She was fed questions before hand.) But I am not finished.


You can be an ideologue for Democrats. This will not necessarily and automatically make you  a champion for the Black cause any more than it should diminish your opposing countryman's credentials as a Black nationalist.


Your liberal stance  only  makes you a black liberal.  No more.


 All that must be asked of a black nationalist should be about the issues. A reading of a view of a platform that says Hillary has more to benefit Blacks than what Trump offers is what would make your case.

The above requirement is a simple clear cut objective.


So no insults or name calling, please.


And don't bother to ask why I won't vote for Hillary.  There are enough Blacks out there who would vote for any Democrat over a Republican and have been doing so for the past 50 years or more.


For these fellows, I ask they only have to listen to Malcolm X, not I.

E. Ablorh-Odjidja, Publisher www.ghanadot.com, Washington, DC, November 07, 2016.

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