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What is hacking?
Selorm Jonathan Amegashie
April 1i, 2017

It is a process of computer technology under which information is acquired illegally or legally. There are several classes or groups of hackers they include;

White hat hackers
Gray hat hackers
Black hat hackers (bad boys)

Hackers are in one way or the other people with some level of understanding in computer programming. This gives them the knowhow of the concept of vulnerability, which are back doors to every software that run on devices. These backdoors are the tools every hacker uses to achieve hacking.

My studies and practice of the cyber security  craft has given me a clear understanding that no computer is secure. Every programmer leaves vulnerabilities in his or her software, which serves as backdoor. These backdoors enable the manufacturer to correct certain mistakes should they happen and if they happen.

Studying the vulnerability of every computer technology is a duty for all cyber security persons to help protect computers against hacking. Due to the existence of vulnerabilities in computer, cyber security has become the fastest growing career in our world today.

There are so many applications in use today. When we do not use applications properly, we end up creating vulnerability in them. For instance, you lost your phone, which has a whatsapp on it; you manage to buy a new phone. In the process of downloading the whatsapp back to that phone, you must not skip the restore point because if you do, you have created a vulnerability, which will make your data available to anyone who gets access to your phone.

Secondly, when you confirm a" friend request" on your Facebook account of a person you do not know, you have created vulnerability.

This vulnerability will help that person to download all your personal details including messages you shared with friends. Nothing becomes private when vulnerability is created on your social platform.

To avoid these vulnerabilities one must be careful of friend request he/she confirms on Facebook.

It is my concern to educate you on these matters of vulnerabilities.  As harmless as things  may look on the internet, there are materials out there that cause these vulnerabilities for us.  It will be of a good healthy thing to practice caution when out there on the internet.  The first is to gain knowledge of the harm that is out there.  As a cyber-security practitioner, I can be helpful in this area. 

contact: selormpc@gmail.com.
By: Selorm Jonathan Amegashie



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