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Horror at the beach on Ivory Coast resorts (Need to review Gitmo detainees policy) 

Reuters, March 14, Ghanadot - Grand-Bassam’s beaches were busy Sunday afternoon. Soaring temperatures had driven people from across the Ivory Coast to the city’s oceanfront resorts. Tourists and locals alike dove in the sea and lounged on the sand.




Woyome’s case: AG must be probed – Ace Ankomah

Ghanaweb, March 16, Ghanadot - Private legal practitioner, Ace Ankomah wants the Attorney General (AG), Marietta Brew Appiah Oppong to be probed in her failure to get good judgment in the state’s appeal against the High Court’s acquittal and discharge of businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome.



African academics face a huge divide between their real and scholarly selves 

Conversation, March 13, Ghanadot - African scholarship on Africa is operating at only a fraction of its true potential. It is hampered by the preferences, policies and politics of the Western academy. There are three reasons for my assertion.




The Coup That Set Ghana and Africa 50 Years Back 

Commentary, March 15, Ghanadot - True to his electoral promises, Nkrumah went to work putting the economic and social fundamentals in place. .... Thus, by the time he was overthrown in the CIA-inspired coup, Ghana had 68 sprawling state-owned factories producing every need of the population -- from shoes, to textiles, to furniture, to lorry tires, to canned fruits, vegetables and beef; to glass, to radio and TV; to books, to steel, to educated manpower, virtually everything! .........More



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