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The Russian Collusion Story 
E. Ablorh-Odjidja

August 08, 2017

It seems the “Russian Collusion” investigation had an answer before it began: It knew who colluded with the Russians.  And it had to be Trump.


The why and the how?  There is now a special counsel appointed to fill in the details.

But, it is hard to understand the logic. Russia interfered in the US presidential election only in 2016?  Why was it Trump who colluded or invited the interference and not Hillary?


The approach so far is as if Trump's victory in 2016 could only depend on the Russians and nothing else. And that his victory, therefore, must demand an inquiry.

At the same time, one is being asked to believe that the Russians are so astute, to the point of being so magical, that they could pick winners and losers without fail in each US presidential elections.

Except, the Russians never did this in the past!  They had to accomplish this bold, demeaning deed in 2016, under the historical first black president of the US!

In 2008 and 2012, Obama won elections with no Russian meddling or help. The losers of those elections, McCain and Romney, respectively, just faded away.

Hillary suffered a resounding defeat in 2016 and the Russians suddenly became the decisive factor.  And the search light is now on the victor, Trump, not the vanquished Hillary.


Hillary and her past misdeeds are glossed over:


A private mail server which was under subpoena by Congress was quickly wiped clean, almost 36,000 files destroyed, no charge for obstruction of justice;  brow raising schemes of “pay to play”, the uranium deal with Russia and other foreign connections, which went to benefit the Clinton Foundation while she was the Secretary of State.  No problem.


Hillary, it seems to many, is not being investigated because of a necessary political canniness.

Meanwhile, the only investigation on public display today seems meant to entrap Trump and people from his election campaign.

The organizational principle against Trump, it seems, is not to ask why anyone should collude with the Russians to damage the US, but to redirect our attention from what was a marvel of democratic electoral victory by Trump to one of a treasonable act by him.

This notion that Hillary lost because of Russian's interference in 2016 is, at best, ridiculous.

America and Russia have been at it, meddling in each others affairs for as long the modern mind can remember. Both will continue to do same for a long time to come.


So, if Russia meddling in US affairs is a serious charge, we ought to have heard it often in the past, at least once before 2016.

The "new" in US internal politics today is something entirely odd and sinister; the feverish concentration of attacks on one man, a political outsider, from both sides of the aisle!

Trump, the man they predicted couldn't and, therefore, shouldn't, won the presidency; he defeated 16 Republican hopefuls and trounced the crown princess of Democrat America gender/diversity politics, Hillary.

Since Trump's victory, Democrats have sought to de-legitimize him – propped up the popular vote as the measure of electoral victory, contrary to the Constitution; and used the courts to force recounts in three vital Democrat states (Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania), hoping it would reverse the outcome.

They even pressured the electoral college, the only constitutional determinant for electing a US president, to revolt against Trump.

In each of the above cases, they failed miserably. And now the Russians hoax.

The hoax is serious in its intent.  It seeks to harm or impeach Trump, glaring contradictions notwithstanding.  For one, there is no curiosity on the part of the investigators to know who else the Russians got to in the 2016 elections!

Against Trump, a special counsel is appointed to investigate Russia collusion. He assembles a team of lawyers; 16 lawyers in all, eight acknowledged contributors to Clinton and Obama campaigns, one has even served as a counsel for Hillary and the Clinton foundation.


And note this:  Not a single lawyer on the team is known as a Republican sympathizer!

Worst, a Grand Jury is impanelled.  The jurors are picked from the populace of the District of Columbia where Trump had less than 5% of the presidential vote in 2016.


So, is there any reason not to think that this Grand Jury (lawyers included) is a hostile territory for Trump?

What if Trump did not collude with the Russians? 

Yet, the trial goes on. A sectarian interest is at stake here.  Impeach Trump, as has been openly declared by Democrats like Congress woman Maxine Waters, for whom fairness for Trump has never been an afterthought ever since the Russian collusion theme broke.

Maxine Waters is not alone. On the other side of the aisle is Senator John McCain, a Republican.

Long before Hillary came out with her “deplorable” description of Trumpers, McCain had already offered a similar description about Trump's followers, which description caused Trump to say he preferred heroes who were not caught as prisoners of war.

The belief about this statement was that Trump doubted the hero status on which McCain had built his entire political career and reputation.  For this, McCain never forgave Trump.

Some said there was also  the issue of envy: a presidential seat that McCain, as a consummate and seasoned politician, contested for and lost in 2008, which Trump, the outsider and the novice, easily took in 2016.

McCain has been part of the lot that thinks Trump is unfit for the presidency. And to his credit, he has never ignored the opportunity to voice his case.

He was the one who eagerly sought and turned over the “Russian Dossier” to the FBI.  The dossier has since been debunked.

The publication Reason wrote, “McCain said he turned over the document out of civic duty.”

Every move McCain has made against Trump since the "Dossier", including legislative acts, has been done under the label of “civic duty.”

But this “civic duty” has not required McCain to challenge any of the glaring biases against Trump in the investigations.  He has also been very silent on achievements of Trump's first 200 days in office:

The bounce in GDP in July 2017, increases in job creation to date, Dow Jones Industrial Average record highs. And foreign policy wins; for instance, the unanimous, historic vote against North Korea at the UN Security Council last week.

Also note, ironically, McCain's interest in “civic duty” has never prompted him to ask why the FBI never inspected the DNC computers, which were said to have been broken into by the Russians - a charge that started the investigation on Trump's campaign. 


His "civic duty" also, perhaps, caused him to become incomprehensible when questioning former FBI Director Comey in front of  the Senate Intelligence Committee.


CNN of all publications, noting the above, reported, "The strangest moment of the nearly three-hour Senate intelligence committee hearing featuring testimony from fired FBI Director James Comey came at the very end. And it came courtesy of a somewhat-unlikely source: Arizona Sen. John McCain."


The conjecture here is, Director Comey probably understood better the charade in the state of Senator McCain's mind.

The same “civic duty” caused McCain to renege on his promise to “repeal and replace” Obamacare.


The grandiose manner McCain took his “civic duty” to the Senate floor in the Obamacare debate did not obscure the fact that he wanted to stick it to Trump, so as to deny the latter a critical legislative victory.


His critical vote against the measure sank the legislative effort to “repeal” Obamacare.

Some say McCain did this with glee, all in the name of a vainglorious “civic duty”.

The investigators, like many in Congress, will be pleased to find any reason to drop the ax on Trump.


The truth or falsity of the Russian collusion story wouldn't matter, just as the offering of the “Russian Dossier,” even though a completely fabricated document, didn't for the likes of Senator John MaCain.


E. Ablorh-Odjidja, Publisher,, Washington, DC, August 08, 2017
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