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Liberal Media vs. Ben Carson
E. Ablorh-Odjidja

November 07, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson is in the news again, at the mercy of CNN and The Politico.

He had written in his book, Gifted Hands, that as a 14 year old, he stabbed a playmate and had it not been for a belt buckle on that kid and the hand of God, the blade would have gone through the belly of that kid.

That was 50 years ago. The incident could have altered the fate of Carson who was to later become the brilliant brain surgeon. CNN is now using this story to frustrate his ambition as a hopeful presidential candidate for 2016.

Is this knife story a relevant news story now?

It seems the question doesn’t matter for the bounty hunters at CNN (and later, Politico). There is a chance to sink Carson. All that matters now is a little digging to come up with the desired dirt.

Carson is ranking high in recent polls. He also tops every hopeful presidential candidate, most of all Hillary, the liberal darling, in trustworthiness. Carson's trustworthiness, therefore, must be roughened up or sullied.

So the scouring in the brushes for dirt about Carson has began, while major imperfections like Hillary Clinton’s are blown off or defended by the same white liberal media.

You can not help but observe the ideological tack and racial intent in these media events, unless you happen to be a liberal sophisticate or his wannabe version.

On the ideological side, Nixon had an 18 minutes gap in his White House recorded tape. He was thrown out of the presidency in a matter of months. Enter the Benghazi and the 30000 plus file wipes of Hillary’s server and the investigative fervor of the same liberal press is gone.

On the racial side, there is Carson, black, highly successful and attractive presidential hopeful but non-liberal!

Democrats in Congress have built a wall of partisan defense around Hillary, unlike the bi-partisan efforts by Republicans against Nixon during the Watergate investigations that ended with Nixon resignation in 1974.

The Black Congressional Caucus would never dare support Carson, right or wrong!

"What difference does it make," Hillary said to the Senate Hearing Committee investigating the affairs of Benghazi, in January 23, 2013 and the press lauded her.

You ask, where is the fairness?

Of course, any inquiry into the Benghazi affair shouldn’t make any difference! Except an American Ambassador and four security officials died during the attack by terrorists. But move on anyway.

However, Carson's misadventure 50 years ago as an immature 14 year old kid is a serious matter worthy of journalistic scrutiny by CNN.

As Benghazi affair is pushed into the background, CNN dredges out now another story about Carson that happened 17 years ago.

Carson had spoken at a college commencement and offered a theory about why the pyramids of ancient Egypt were built. He recently reiterated that theory.

He said "My own personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain," ......"Now all the archeologists think that they were made for the pharaohs' graves."

And the cry went up, including some from our own community on Facebook, suggesting that Carson was a fool.

But note, the effort to bring back the grain story is part of the search to find vulnerabilities from Carson’s past.

True, Carson's view differs from statements of seasoned archeologists and he knows that. Even still, his is a matter stemming from religious belief and the rejection of a scientific theory for faith. Dr. Carson happens to be a scientist, a neurosurgeon by the way.


Whether Joseph built the pyramids or not is immaterial at this stage. The fact is somebody did, but why?

The more interesting point about this brouhaha Is whether scientific theories are forever settled.  Is the current prevailing theory about the pyramids open to further scientific conjectures, even those of religion, or is forever closed to future scientific curiosities and other doubts?

Revisits to these old stories tell us something else - a classic demonstration of white liberal bias and the intent to frame and damage the reputation of Carson, a politician who is not a liberal darling.

Just this morning The Politico also came out with another story to illustrate Carson's supposed unreliability and deceitfulness.

That he had stated in his book, "Gifted Hands,” that he was offered a scholarship to attend the prestigious West Point military academy.

Politico contacted the academy's administration and found out that they had no record of Carson’s application for admission.

The problem, a manufactured one, is Carson never wrote or said he applied to the academy for admission.

Ben Carson story was, he had dined with Gen. William Westmoreland, the then Chief of Staff of the US Army, 1968 - 1972. He had the opportunity because he was the top ROTC (military cadet) student in the Detroit area in 1969.

Is it incredulous for Gen. Westmoreland to have met the "top ROTC” student on such an occasion and then to have encouraged him to become an officer with a promise of "scholarship" to train at West Point, given the circumstances of that era?

This is where the craft of journalism was NOT used to find the truth but to obfuscate the integrity and prospect of a black candidate who happens not to be a liberal.

In the words of Politico:

" An application to West Point begins with a nomination by a member of Congress or another prominent government or military official. After that, a rigorous vetting process begins. If offered admission, all costs are covered for all students; indeed there are no “full scholarships,” per se."

Seriously, this is a highly, trashy assessment. What is the difference between "full scholarships" and "all cost are covered"?

For Ben Carson to get "all cost covered" he would have had to be first nominated by "a member of Congress or another prominent government or military official."  Could Gen. Westmoreland have given him his support?

Carson did not complete the application process for West Point because he had the intention to go to medical school to become a doctor, which of course he did!. He said so in his book.

The story should have died there. Or, Politico should have investigated why a brilliant kid from Detroit and the top ROTC student in a Vietnam War era, who wanted to be an officer soldier, could not have "a prominent government or military official" to sponsor him.

Rather, Politico's reveals an intent to make the reader believe Carson lied about a West Point application.

Interestingly, Politico the truth seeker, suddenly changed its own headline, in the midst of their ongoing hot story, from “Ben Carson admits fabrication of West Point admission,” to "Carson claimed West Point 'scholarship' but never applied."

The damning "fabrication" in the headlines has been removed. But Politico will not let go the 50 year old story that has been reasonably explained away by Carson. Why?

How does Carson "fabrication" compare with Hillary Clinton's compromising of national security, the storage official files on her personal server, the missing files  or her lies about Benghazi where an American ambassador and three other security officials were murdered?

Your answer is as good as why the Pope is a catholic. Black non-liberal politician are not allowed legitimacy by the white liberal press, hence, the opportunistic attacks on Carson.

Ben Carson, a black man, from a white liberal media perspective, has escaped the total control of the liberal plantation. He must be stopped. It has happened so many times before and would continue to happen because racism is still that potent.

E. Ablorh-Odjidja, Publisher www.ghanadot.com, Washington, DC, November 07, 2015.
Permission to publish: Please feel free to publish or reproduce, with credits, unedited. If posted at a website, email a copy of the web page to publisher@ghanadot.com.




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