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The entitlement curse
E. Ablorh-Odjidja
December 17, 2016

Entitlement to power requires a process. These days, the process starts with denying your opponent, by any means necessary, a path to the same power you seek, especially if your opponent happens to be a Republican and you are a Democrat.

The worse case is if the opponent is Donald Trump, then the scrimmage begins.

Forgetting that they chose a very heavily flawed candidate, in the person of Hillary, Democrats are in grief and denial  about the loss of the 2016 presidential race which Trump has won.


Subsequently, they have resorted to the same chicanery, the same twist and turns of the most bizarre reasoning that brought her to the front row in the primaries.
And after the defeat, the same reasoning is being used to thwart Trump at the electoral college.

How else could Hillary or any one in her group go from a demand for the popular vote to blaming Russia for her loss?  Then, swing on to a last ditch effort to induce electors by threat to decide the election on the basis of conscience?

That's how bizarre the Democrat response to defeat in 2016 is.  And will continue to be, even after President-elect Trump is sworn into office on January 20, 2017.
Thinking back, you could have seen it happening; that Democrats (mostly liberals) think they are the smart set, therefore, are entitled to rule the rest of us . No way they can accept defeat under this thought! 


So, accepting defeat with grace is out.  What you see in the streets of America is the modern Democrat's reaction to defeat. Elections for them are now long drawn out wars.
Florida 2000 was the landmark.

It is a short two days before the formal acceptance of President Elect Trump by the 306 delegates from the states he won. And he won a lot of counties too.


Check:  "Out of 3,141 counties in the United States. Trump won 3,084 of them. Clinton won 57."  And, out of the ten largest states, Trump won seven and Clinton three. The heavy population centers are in the large states.


Just victories in two states alone (New York and California) gave Clinton a huge margin in votes.  Take away California and she would have lost the popular vote too!


But presidential elections are constitutionally decided by electors from the states.  So, having failed at this stage, all hell has broken loose.  Democrats are on the warpath, threatening to damage the constitutional obligation of the electors.
Getting electors to defect wasn't the rule understood before the election, but  who is giving her tacit approval for the new plan? Hillary, together with key Democrats and major liberal media outlets that are in cahoots to get rid of Trump.


You note from this point that Hillary's late concession speech lacked sincerity. So heavily invested in her own coronation before the speech, she forgot to craft the excuses she has on show now.
Her act now is without grace. Her reaction to defeat is similar to that of the defeated President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia;  except hers is more subtle and devious in its machinations.


But who would dare ask her to do something different? Not even President Obama or anybody from her side.
For, that's the Democrats party's way after losing elections.  Same unalloyed "truths," are uttered, like we heard from Hillary in the FBI investigations of her home server and the email scandals.

Her pivot now is she won the popular vote, therefore deserves to be the president-elect. 

As said, it is not a constitutional requirement to win the popular vote in order to be the president.  But the claim is devious enough to put doubts in the minds of a gullible public so as to raise questions about the soundness of Trump's victory over her. 


And indeed, the unquestioned votes, like those counted in California, add reason enough for those who are ignorant of the constitutional requirement, or too partisan to care, to claim victory for Hillary.


This subterfuge, she hopes, is good enough to reawake her chances..

Fortunately, the fervor for the popular vote claim fizzled but it was soon replaced by another dodge from an unlikely corner.


Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee, who had no chance for gains requested recounts in three critical Democrat leaning states that Trump had won.  Stein had about 1% of the total votes in those states.
This attempt went up in smoke soon as "massive voter irregularities " were discovered in some heavy Democrat precincts in Michigan, according to New York Post.
There was immediate suspicion about the real personage behind the recount request.   And the suspicion was justified when Hillary joined Stein in the precincts and subsequent court battles. 


Of course, Hillary had more need to keep herself in the hunt for additional delegates than Stein. Had Trump faltered, Hillary could have picked up more delegates and snatched the presidency from him.

The recount effort was costly and wasteful but in reality it was one that could only come from an old Democrat playbook, Florida 2000.
Note that Democrats always prefer and demand recounts in friendly constituencies where the vote totals are closer; just so to massage a few "chards" out for the advantage, like in Florida!
Thus Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania fitted the Florida bill.

Palm Beach county in Florida, which The New York Times described as “staunchly democrat” at that time, was used to push for the 2000 recounts in mostly Democrat counties.

The aftermath was a mess.  The two terms of the Bush administration were damaged. But Gore, however, went on to prosper; his personal ambition, which was the main cause, enhanced and the prestige went to gain him wealth and global influence.


The future may hold the same rewards for Hillary. But, oddly to this day, she has yet to express publicly her gratitude to Stein for providing respite for her crushed 2016 ambition.

Sadly for Hillary, the recounts misfired. Trump, the intended victim, picked up some extra votes after the recount to strengthen his lead.

The struggle for Hillary wouldn't end here. Hardly!

Next came the ongoing excuse; the charge that Russian influence in the election had aided Trump's victory.  No hard proof required, just presumed and stated!
The Russians are accused of using WikiLeak as instrument to spread misinformation about Hillary.

WikiLeak has quickly denied the charge.

The Ex-British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Mr. Craig Murray, came out from the shadows to admit that “he flew to Washington, D.C. (to collect) the emails,” which he personally handed to WikiLeak, reported the Daily Mail of UK.
Mr. Murray insisted that there was no Russian involvement, only the single act of a disgruntled insider at the center of the Clinton campaign, and that this fellow had handed to him the leaks for WikiLeak.

Curiously, Democrats are yet to prove or show that any of exposed email had been altered or falsified to merit the misinformation charge.
President Barrack Obama has picked up on the Russian intrusion theme. Overlooked is the seriousness of the affairs disclosed in the leaks, thus helping to move America closer towards enmity with Russia - all done to preserve Hillary's chances.
Meanwhile, the US Congress, controlled by Republicans, is yet to receive proof of the Russian involvement from the intelligence community, The CIA, the NSA, the FBI among others.

But how convenient the accusation of Russia's involvement, just when Democrats have suffered the most horrific defeat since the1920s!

Where were the Russians in 2008 when Democrats scored a historic victory with Obama's election, or 2012 when he was reelected; were the same Russians involved in these elections too?

And why would Russia help to elect Trump, a man whose campaigning theme in 2016 was “America first” and “Make America Great Again,” How do these themes promote Russia's interest?

Or was is it a vendetta against Hillary as she claims? Her issues are the same as the Obama administrations'.  And these have already proven to be sterile against Russian interest advancements.   She is a known quality. 


Under Obama, the Russians have managed to expand their territories and influences in regions close to home and those far away in the Middle and Far East. so it doesn't make sense to see her this late as a threat to Russian interests.
So what is it about Hillary that could have made a difference in threat to the Russians?  Whatever that is, don't look for clues on her campaign platform.


Locally, she had no message to inspire her own base, except to accuse Trump of being racist, homophobic, her rants against his immigration and trade policies, his promise to dismantle Obamacare. and being a beneficiary of an ignorant, deplorable base of supporters!
Think any of the above issues would have troubled the Russians?  Unless, perhaps, if they had seen something damning on her private server; the server that she deliberately wiped clean!.


Think blackmail is possible in this instance?
Under the above scenario, it would have been wise to see Hillary as a weakling, the one the Russians would prefer as president.


But the attempt to keep Trump out of office is shaping up. The use of electors in a proxy fight against him is on.. If enough of his electors could be persuaded or intimidated to defect, Hillary could be the next president.


Unfair move.  But for the Democrat it is just the ploy left at this stage to gain power.  However, they claim theirs is only an attempt to spare Americans the unthinkable folly of having Russia choose an "idiot"  as president for them.
Funny, in this little sketch is the hubris and  also a display of the Achilles heel in the mentality that proved damaging to Hillary.
Hillary's campaign thought they were the smart set. Yet it was flummoxed by Trump, who spent  less than a quarter compared to the budget for her campaign.
After seeing all this, a question has to be asked of President Obama, our first African-American president, as to why he has backed Hillary this far to risk distaste for his own legacy?.
Clearly, the Russian charge offers no truce for peaceful coexistence between the two countries for the remainder of Obama administration.
 Internally, if the intent of Russia is to cause distrust and confusion is true, then Hillary and the Democrats are already in the lead; bringing the chaos in elections to America..


This last effort to use electors to dump Trump is the evidence.  It is highly unprecedented and if successful would amount to a virtual coup..

But note, the only good thing is that the Russian narrative is proving false and has exposed the hypocrisy of the liberal character and their false cry for integrity in the political system. 


We know now that for Democrats the American universe changes only at moments when they lose elections.
Electors are won within states on the plurality vote, same basis Democrats claim to cherish.


But to push the state aside and to go plurality on the national level will be to forgo the interest and rights of states under the federal system, which the constitution seeks to preserve.

The plurality vote only may also remove barriers to corruption of the ballot within states.  In all seriousness, a close examination of the large votes in states like California, where controls are lax, should be considered first.


This integrity of the plurality vote that Democrats want may have to be suspect at this stage.  You have to ask first what kind of integrity it is that calls for a patent weakening of the current political system of America?

E. Ablorh-Odjidja,Publisher, Washington, DC, December 17, 2016.

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