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Welcome, President Trump

 E. Ablorh-Odjidja

January 07, 2017

The US Congress completed yesterday the certification of Donald J. Trump as the next president of America. Still, grieving Democrats, minds of the “Never Trumpers,” like Senators McCain and Lindsey Graham are yet to settle on the news - with ease.


But will this easing ever happen?

These groups may not agree that Trump is fit for the presidency, nor think that the nation of America is in decline. 

But they may find it hard to debunk the thought that to “Make America Great Again” is now the ruling theme, at least for the next four years.

For this lot, all is not over for as long as they can cause some turbulence by pointing to flaws everywhere in the process that selected Trump. 


Senators John McCain and and Lindsay Graham may easily qualify for a slot within this group.

Senator McCain has a strain for preferring his own foreign policy goals, even above those of serving Presidents.  Ask George Bush.

By every indication to date,  he is not going to ease up on Trump.  He and Graham have found a common cause with Democrats in bashing the Russians for supposedly meddling in the 2016 US election. 


We ought to find the behaviors of McCain and Graham strange, considering what the Democrats have been up to since they lost.


 The Democrats, as observed by many, are out to de-legitimize Trump before he assumes his administration. And the probe into the Russian affair, headed by McCain at the Senate, gives them a handle.

Heads of five US intelligence groups have testified in front of McCain's committee  on the matter of Russian meddling. Their conclusion, though, is not exactly in sync with what the Democrats have already put out before the hearings: That the Russians have aided and abetted Trump's victory.

Democrats fervor for the view that the Russian meddled in in the 2016 election is obvious. Because it diminishes Trump's success.


The horrific loss of November 07, 2016 has reached such a bitter level that they can't help pushing for the investigations, if only the result will further help to dishonor Trump.

So, it is appropriate at this stage to wonder why Senator McCain and Graham are avid supporters of the investigation without having first pushed aside the Democrat agenda.

The Democrats are adept at this propaganda game. But,  Senator McCain and Lindsey are not inept politicians either. Therefore, the failure to defend  their party's nominee should raise a concern.

Pertinent and probable as the answer to the question of Russian involvement in the 2016 elections is, it still raises another, why now?


Russia has always been a villain in the sights of America's super power interests.  It is extremely likely that they have interfered in many past American elections, long before 2016.

But Democrats know that the charge against Russia now can be enough red meat to draw in hawks like Senators McCain and Graham to their cause. 


For McCain and Lindsey, the accusation is what they need to provide them the excuse for not embracing Trump right away.  He is a man they don't like, or appreciate  – at least since the beginning of the 2016 primaries.

On the charge of Russia interference alone, there are ample evidences out there that other nations, could have done it too. 


There are records of cyber attacks on the US Federal system stretching back for decades.  None has ever received this frantic response like it is in 2016.

A cursory glance of the website of CyberSecurity Law & Policy will show the number of times the US Federal System has been attacked recently.

August 2006 – Representative Wolf and Foreign Affairs Committee offices – the computers at his personal office, a number of unnamed Representatives’ hacked.

March 2009 – Senator Nelson confirmed that his personal office computers had been subject to three separate attacks.

June 2011 – The U.S. Senate’s website was hacked and files from the website were posted online.

December 2011 – Iran claims to gained possession of RQ-170 Sentinel stealth drone with a cyber attack.

February 2012 – Department of Defense: F-35 development – cyber attacks that stole classified information discussing the high cost technology reported.

September 2015 - Office of Personnel Management (OPM) says 5.6 million fingerprints stolen in cyberattack, five times as many as previously thought (r
eported by Washington Post.)

So why now the exposure of Russian skullduggery in 2016?


The answer is the 2016 loss and the evidence is Wikileaks exposure of DNC and the Clinton Campaign Chairman, John Podesta, files.

Suddenly Liberals and Democrats, all formerly peaceniks and doves, now see Russia as an existential threat to US interests and are asking for confrontation.

We shouldn't, however, forget the other excuses that came before the Russian one.

Remember the cry that the popular vote counted more, the call for re-count in three key Democrat states and the attempt to hamstring the electoral college and its processes?


All these calls came to naught.  Hillary rather lost more of her electors after a raucous campaign by her supporters to get Trump electors to defect.

The Russian campaign now has the same intent as the above back stories.  Trump's victory notwithstanding, there is a real attempt out there to de-legitimize his administration before it starts.


Some are even wishing for his impeachment at this early stage of the process.

And Senators McCain and Lindsey, both Republicans, are  providing the bi-partisan blind.  Why?  Because, it may look more noble and patriotic.

But, unfortunately, the Democrat guile will be ongoing, even after McCain and Graham quit.

Recall that Senator McCain, at the early stages of the Republican primaries, was the first to call Trump's supporters a name akin to the “deplorables” that Hillary was to perfect later in her campaign.

McCain and Graham are known as two of a political tag team.


Graham was vanquished early in the Republican primaries by Trump. The lack of open defense for Trump on the part of these two, in the face of this Democrat assault, ought to be seen as an outgrowth of a personal peeve.

The Russian involvement, true or not, may have given them the perfect excuse.

Sadly, President Obama, the outgoing leader, has taken on the onerous mantle.  He is the one who has made the Russian involvement a newsworthy issue. With this, he has also put his face firmly on an international crisis with the Russians.


Obama has also brought on his head a crisis of confidence for the US Intelligence services by involving them in two controversies on his watch.  They were the ones who reported the "video" as cause (proven false) for the Benghazi fiasco and now are calling out the Russians for hacking. 

Until this point, Obama has done enough for his party,  backed Hillary to the hilt, campaigned vigorously on her behalf while putting his own legacy on the line. 


Why Obama couldn't overlook this Russian situation during the last weeks of his presidency is puzzling.


He should have concentrated on a trouble free transition and left his legacy, like others before him, solely for the probes of history and decency. 


Rather Obama has to put his legacy out there, and on behalf of Hillary, to be used as a foil.


Or for what, the Russian re-set both he and Hillary promised at the beginning of their administration and failed to deliver?

Meanwhile, Hillary has pulled herself to the sideline, away from all the current turmoil and is now beginning to smell like a rose.


She has cleverly left Obama to do the dirty work - to destroy Trump's chances for a successful presidency - and to provide a bridge for someone like her to come back to the same presidency.

Well, the last time there was such an attempt, it was against George Bush after the 2000 election. It left him vulnerable to all sorts of attacks, including those from our very Senator McCain who, providentially, came to lose his own bid for the presidency to Obama in 2008.


The anger against Trump is worse than that for Bush.  But there is a real fear.  As unfit as they claim he is, there is also the possibility that he might succeed.  And that is the real fear.


Trump may end up doing what hardened political pros, the McCains and the Clintons, talked about but never did.


But first, let's hope people will respect the process that selected Trump.  We were given a choice between an outsider/political novice and an establishment political pro.  And Trump won.


So those who were hurt by Trump's victory must put the insult and the degrading description of his personality on hold for now and give the man a chance. He may be able to “drain the swamp” as promised, Russian help or not.

E. Ablorh-Odjidja,Publisher, Washington, DC, January 07, 2017.
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Welcome, President Trump Commentary, Jan 07, Ghanadot - So those who were hurt by Trump's victory must put the insult and the degrading description of his personality on hold for now and give the man a chance. He may be able to “drain the swamp” as promised, Russian help or not.  ....More

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