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Observation on the verdict

The Myth Buster


We waited for eight months.

We witnessed personal outbursts of indignation from the bench towards lay persons for perceived infractions against judicial personalities.

We endured 100 year old colonial laws sighted for retribution.

On judgement day over 30,000 police were mobilized to ensure order.

The decision was read out in less than 5 minutes....another teachable moment /opportunity was squandered.

No explanation was given.......and we are still waiting for an explanation with respect to the verdict.

So there will be no attempt at meaningful reform.

All our institutions are moribund......and the beat goes on.

We will implode, then we can start afresh and do things PROPERLY; not before.

All the sensible suggestions will fall on deaf ears. The uninitiated will take the verdict at face value but Social Theory (available for over 200 M. Condercet- French Mathematician and Philosopher who committed suicide on the eve of his due date to go to the guillotine; read Duncan Black etc) says that this is wrong.

Next time, the result of the election will be decided polling station by polling station- mano a mano.

After the dark night of the soul........

Then the bright morning star will appear; it is all part of the perfect plan of the Almighty Architect.


The Myth Buster, September 1, 2013




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Observation on the Supreme Court verdict
Commentary, Sept 01, Ghanadot - We waited for eight months.....We witnessed personal outbursts of indignation from the bench towards lay persons for perceived infractions against judicial personalities...

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