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Ghana School Feeding Programme crumbles
By Masahudu Ankiilu Kunateh, Ghanadot

Accra, Sept 16, Ghanadot - Basic school children across the country will be starved of their favourite hot meal on their first day of reopening, because the school feeding programme is in crisis.

Reports reaching the Ghanadot across the length and breadth of Ghana revealed that there is a scuffle between the administrator of the programme and caterers.

In the Upper East Region between caterers appointed under the erstwhile NPP administration and those recently appointed over who has the right to prepare the food for the children.

The old caterers had reported to duty only to find out that their jobs had been taken over by the new 'recruits'.

The struggle for supremacy between the caterers is rife in the Kassina-Nankana District as well as the Bolgatanga Municipality.

It is not clear who will be given the mandate to serve the meal.

Some of the old caterers have also sued the district assemblies for illegally terminating their contracts.

The Upper East coordinator of the School Feeding Programme who described the developments as unfortunate pledged to find an amicable solution to the problem.

But the seeming crisis appears to be nationwide.

In the Ashanti Region, reports have it that some NPP activists have threatened a new caterer in Kordea to desist from preparing the dish to the school children.

They claim, they do not know the new caterer contracted by the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly to prepare the meals for their children and will not allow to cook.

They have warned of dire consequences if the lady should go ahead with the cooking.

Whilst the Central Region did not record any violent scenes, at least not yet, the school children have been completely deserted, with no sign of caterers, old or new, to prepare food for them.
In the Central Region, the old caterers have abandoned their duty post to avert any confrontation with newly recruited ones.

Others complained of government’s indebtedness to them and for which reason they will not be able prepare the hot meal any longer for the children.

The school feeding programme was instituted in 2006 to provide at least one hot meal for basic school children.

The essence is to improve enrollment at the basic level of education.

Women call for affirmative action
By Masahudu Ankiilu Kunateh, Ghanadot
Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF) together with the Women Manifesto Coalition has vigorously called on the Mills-led administration to adopt and implement the much trumpeted affirmative action on women’s participation in political decision-making in the country.

Madam Beatrice Allah Mensah, a member of the Women Manifesto Coalition made the call at public forum in Accra, yesterday.

According to her, the purpose of the Affirmative action is to adopt and implement gender activities, help bring out competencies and abilities of women, help increase women’s representation and as well create platform for addressing problems regarding fairness and equality in governance.

She noted that in order to make women available in representation there is a need to establish a Women’s Leadership Academy which will identify young promising interested ladies for leadership.

The group observed that the 40% of women representation in parliament as promised by the government had not yet come to a reality.

The group further observed that so far the Council of State has 22 men as against three women, while 25 diplomatic positions are made up of men and seven women.

Also, in the area of cabinet ministers 15 are men whilst four of them are women, Regional Ministers nine men and a woman and 166 Metropolitan Municipal and District Chief Executives being men as against 11 women.

Mr. Frank Wilson Bodza, the Programmes Manager of WiLDAF on his part said WILDAF had taken a further step to provide analysis of Affirmative Action policy for women’s participation in political decision making in Ghana.

He further urged the government to develop a concrete affirmative action policy for the Ghanaian women to enable them contribute their quota to the socio-economic development of the country.

Mr. Bodza emphasized that many activities have been done by various organizations to achieve Affirmation Action but the two women’s rights organization have been the lead champions for affirmative action policy in Ghana.

He noted that in 2006, the coalition organized a 10-day capacity building workshop on governance where the coalition chose to lobby government to adopt the affirmative action policy in the country.

However he added the Ministry of Women’s and Children Affairs response was that the directive was not backed by white paper as it was only a desire and advised women to be more aggressive and proactive in the pursuit of Affirmative Action.

Moreover he stressed, in April 2008, WILDAF Ghana, ABANTU for development with sponsorship from Canadian Crossroads International (CCI) organized a roundtable discussion on “Affirmative action now” campaign Objective to enable participants to ascertain the status of the Ghanaian government’s commitment to the implementation of Ghana’s affirmative action and development of an affirmative action policy.




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