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Dr. Addo Yobo



Profile:  Dr. Addo Yobo, one of Ghana's best gynecologists
Audrey Micah, Ghanadot

July 22, 3009


Read his primer on female health

Dr.  Clarence Addo Yobo, a veteran gynecologist who has had a long practice in the United States for over 45 years has now returned to Ghana.

Dr. Addo Yobo was born in Ghana in a village called Amanase, near Suhum; delivery was by his late maternal grandmother called Ohenewa who was a village midwife practicing the traditional way.


Midwife, Ohenewa, the grandmother, skillfully delivered on that day twins, one girl and a boy who happened to be our doctor Addo Yobo.


As a village boy, he dreamed of becoming a successful doctor. With that dream in mind, Dr. Addo Yobo persevered through his education - from a village Presbyterian school at his hometown Obosomase, in the Akwapim Hills, and later to Accra High School and then to St. Augustine, at Cape Coast, to complete his Sixth Form education.

His childhood ambition to become a medical doctor was realized or at least put in high gear when the then President of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, gave him and a few others scholarships to study in Egypt.

While in his final year at the medical school in Egypt, Dr. Addo Yobo, once again, because of his excellent academic credentials, became a recipient of Fulbright exchange program, the scholarship of which allowed him to work in the United States of America (USA) on a residency program in obstetrics and gynecology.


Upon completion in the US, Dr. Addo Yobo went back to Egypt to complete his internship.

In 1967, Dr. Addo Yobo returned to Ghana as a full medical officer at Korle Bu.  For one and half years he worked in Ghana before departing for the United States again.

In the United States of America, Dr. Addo Yobo landed a job after a rigorous professional exam.


Dr. Addo Yobo did his specialty training in obstetrics and gynecology at  College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, at Harlem Hospital, and completed the required four years residency program in 1972.  He passed the specialty (Part One) in July the same year.   After the 18 months requirement, he wrote and passed the Part Two of the specialty exams and became a Board Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist.


His favorite quotation is by President Kennedy: “Think not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."


That quotation would compel him to come back again to Ghana in 1981 when he joined the Nyaho Clinic.  Unfortunately, a coup happened and he found it difficult to endure the unfriendly atmosphere that resulted.


In 1983, Dr. Addo Yobo was back in the States.


“One day a hospital in the US was closing down and was giving out everything in the hospital for free provided it goes to a third world country. I applied and was approved, so I flew back home and went to the Ministry of Health with what I thought was good news.

“I met the late Dr. Larson and after telling him the opportunity that I had come upon, he told me to come and see him on the following Friday.


"On that Friday, I went back to see him only to learn that the big guys said the beds had most likely been used by HIV patients and that the beds were intended to be dumped on the people of Ghana.


"The excuse was something I found ridiculous because the HIV virus could not survive under dry condition.


"The entire package of hospital equipment was rejected on the basis of a spurious scientific reason.  I learned that the equipment that could have come to Ghana was quickly embraced, whole heartedly, by Cambodia."


Dr. Addo Yobo left after ten days in Ghana heart broken for the silly decision that was taken on behalf of  "health care" in Ghana.

When asked about the state of Ghana’s health sector, Dr. Addo Yobo said more health personnel were needed to ensure better health care.

“It is ridiculous to think that the whole of Ghana has only 1.500 doctors and yet there are 4.200 Ghanaian doctors in USA as of 2008.  Nigeria and India contribute to the American health system 14,000 and 42,000 doctors, respectively.


"The merit for the India part is that a significant number of these doctors return home to add quality to their health care.  The same cannot be said for Ghana and Nigeria.

“We must ask, what we can do to entice some of these doctors back home to brighten the health care profession? This is not the time to create problems for them but time to give them the chance to help.”

Dr,  Addo Yobo is a family man with a wife and six children. He is currently married to Dedei Leha Addo Yobo who also believes strongly that charity must begin at home - a concept which her husband subscribes to.


The street lights at Obosomase were donated, equipment and erection included, by Dr Addo Yobo.


At East Legon Police Station, Dr Addo Yobo found the station in need of certain items and amenities and donated them - tables, chairs, water reservoir tank, and four new bicycles to help mobility of the force.  He was also able to persuade a friend, Dr. Boakye-Agyei of the US, to donate a reconditioned Jeep Cherokee vehicle for the station's use.


Dr. Addo Yobo noted that it was about time the younger generation were encouraged to come in with new ideas to help save more lives. For him, the health sector in Ghana needs more indoctrination if the country were to hope to improve upon the health sector.  And those already here in the profession in Ghana should welcome them with open arms.

Though in his low seventies now, Dr. Addo is still very active treating people and offering advice to his patients. He uses his spare time to write primers on female health issues.


Readings from Dr. Addo Yebo primer











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Profile: Dr. Addo Yobo, one of Ghana's best gynecologists

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