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Nothing else matters now, other than to see Trump damaged!
E. Ablorh-Odjidja

February 17, 2017

The desperation to get rid of Trump will be immortalized in the General Flynn and the Russian Ambassador's wiretapped story.

In the story,  a highly secretive recording of a conversation with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and the General, caught by the intelligence services, was leaked to New York Times and the Washington Post.

The objective of the leak was an old one; recycled since the close of the 2016 presidential election when Hillary Clinton lost to Trump.


And it has been “Trump didn't win the 2016 election. The Russians stole it for him.”

At best, this narrative is a brain dead proposition.

But it is hoped that the charge may wake up Cold War sentiment.


And, It is beginning to have some hilarious effect like the one depicted in a 60s comedy movie, “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming,” when a Soviet submarine was spotted off the coast of New England and a whole town got deranged!

Had Hillary won the 2016 election we would have been spared the Russian story.


American intelligence has never been this lax. It used to be that they hid the information they got from spying on their adversaries. Now they don't care!

But who cares?  Wiretapping the Russian is as old as Russians wiretapping the Americans, anyway.

However, the purpose this time around on the American side is the serious effort to make the narrative stick; that the Russians helped Trump in 2016.

This is the reason General Flynn can now be charged with the Logan Act of 1799, which, by the way, has never been used since it was enacted!

It shows how serious the desperation is.  And it is to nail Trump by any means necessary.

Except, General Flynn has been forced to resign and some are still not happy. New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman described the shock of Gen. Flynn resignation as one on par with those of  9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

Congress woman Maxine Waters, Michael Moore, and others among many in Congress are calling for investigations of the kind bordering on impeachment proceedings.

It wouldn't be far fetched to include Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham in the above group. "John McCain just systematically dismantled Donald Trump’s entire worldview," gleefully wrote the Washington Post.

They all have reason to get Trump.

General Flynn's story is telling because none of the above mentioned has expressed immediate interest in another aspect of the story; the real scandal and the egregious leak behind it, the breach of the FISA Act, which is a prohibited activity under Federal law, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 1978.

The charge against Flynn, at best, is a conjecture, still inconclusive and unproven.


The leak of the wiretap, however, is a proven act of crime because it exists in the media. Yet the emphasis remains on the unproven aspect of this story.

It was President Obama who voiced the Russian interference in the 2016 election before leaving office. He based his assertion on findings by many branches of the intelligence services of America.

As punishment for meddling, President Obama slapped a number of sanctions against the Russians on December 29, 2016 before leaving office.


Why the sudden slap on the Russians before walking out of the White House, to put more attention on the "stolen election" aspect?

It is then easy to suspect that this wiretap was a search to buttress the assumption that the Russians have "stolen the election." 


And the reason why General Flynn would seek to talk to the Ambassador was to promise that the Trump administration would reverse the sanctions on Russia once it was in office, as a reward for supposedly helping in the election.

Apparently, the wiretap produced the evidence that General Flynn talked to the Ambassador. What has so far not been proven is what was talked about on the tape and why.

One can be certain that if there were a conclusive evidence of Russian guilt it would have been out with the first leak.  And the path to Trump's impeachment would have been paved. 


Even so, there would still be a problem.

The job of General Flynn as a National Security Adviser was to talk to world leaders even before his president-elect was inaugurated. And he did talk to many leaders around the world, including the Russians.

More important, when did General Flynn talk to the Russian Ambassador, was it before December 29, 2016 when the sanctions were put in place or after?

Was the alleged quid pro quo made available on the wiretapped conversation?  It shouldn't take more than a day to find out, unless, perhaps, part of the delay is also an effort to harm Trump.

Just read a recent feature on politics from the New York Times.


The heading started scary. “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence.”


Three paragraphs downstream on the page, the feature concluded that officials contacted said “they have no evidence of such cooperation.”

Many published information about this Russian connection have been proven false; The Russian dosier on Trump given to the FBI by Senator McCain, subsequently leaked to the press and published by CNN and Buzzfeed was one one of such fake stories that was quickly shot down.

Another was The New York Times claim that the FBI was investigating Roger Stone, Trump adviser and long time confidant.

Stone told Matt Lauer on the NBC, The Today's Show, that he had “zero contact” with the Russians during the 2016 elections and that the claim by New York Times was “unequivocally false” and that the FBI never questioned him.

Many more false stories have been floated but shot down as fake.

This latest leak is assumed to be the smoking gun.  We are still waiting for the sign of the smoke. But without this leak, the General Flynn's story would have been dead.

General Flynn's dismissal was based on a matter of abuse of trust, the Trump administration said. They said he failed to provide full disclosure on the subject, which led Vice President Pence to mislead the press.

But, no surprise, the dismissal hasn't satisfied the demands of the detractors for scalp.

So the LOGAN ACT, which according to the New York Times, is a felony punishable up to three years of imprisonment, is still being sought against General Flynn.

The Logan Actenacted January 30, 1799) is a United States federal law that details the fine and/or imprisonment of unauthorized citizens who negotiate with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States,” according to Wikipedia.

But there is a more serious side, the FISA ACT that could sanction the intelligence community for improper behavior for leaking the highly classified information.

Apparently, FISA is not the hot button sought in the present politically charged environment.


But still, the above is not enough reason for us to pretend ignorance about the two issues involved in the case.

On one hand, there is Flynn and the breach of the Logan Act, a purported crime that is being ridiculously equated to Watergate, 9/11 and Pearl Harbor and a charge that is yet to be proven or decided.

On the other, there is a breach that has already occurred and completed; the improper behavior of the intelligence services with regard to FISA, prescribing "procedures for the physical and electronic surveillance and collection of "foreign intelligence information" between foreign powers and their agents” and the US citizenry.

Strange to think that the conclusive evidence of of the breach of FISA already exists, but not being acted on.  This alone speaks of the strong desperation to nail Trump.


Final acts of the Obama administration before the inauguration may suggest that traps were  laid to ensnarl Flynn or Trump or both.


If under the Logan Act, General Flynn is considered an ordinary citizen, then FISA should have protected him from the wiretap.

Finally, however, somebody in Congress has his finger on the real crime committed.

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman David Nunes (R-Calif.) is offended by the actuality of the FISA infraction. He is drafting a letter to the FBI, asking for investigation of the leak.

He said, “I expect the FBI to tell me what’s going on and hopefully they have a good answer.....The big problem I see here is you have an American citizen who has had his phone call recorded and leaked. ….somebody had to decide to keep recording those calls and then to unmask that and leak it to the press.”

You have above a good description of the FISA infraction.

Ironically, we have patriots in Congress, who rail against Un-American acts daily. Now the same prefer to ignore the abuse of FISA and the chilling effect that this may have on liberty, democracy and governance in America. But they don't care.


These worthies want to normalize the police state in America!

There are worse ideas out there that are yet to come against Trump.  Clinging to the Logan Act instead of the FISA, as said, has the aim to milk the process for now.  But it is still a signal of the desperation to bring Trump down at all cost.

E. Ablorh-Odjidja, Publisher, Washington, DC, February 17, 2017.
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