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Who's to blame for Climategate?
The publication of damning emails about climate change could literally change the world. Gordon Rayner reports.
By Gordon Rayner
Published: 7:31PM GMT 27 Nov 2009

The drab, drum-shaped home of the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit is an anonymous little outpost, blending seamlessly with its chunky concrete neighbours on a windswept campus just outside Norwich. To the uninitiated, it has the look of a Seventies bus station waiting for the council to pull it down.

Unlikely as it may seem, however, this little corner of East Anglia is now ground zero in a controversy which just might influence the entire future of our planet.

A little over a week ago, hundreds of internal emails written by scientists working at the CRU were obtained by a hacker and posted on the internet, some of which appeared to show that researchers had deliberately faked evidence of global warming by manipulating statistics. ....




Ghana Seizes Nigerian Oil Vessel

Nigeria, November 28, ThisDay - A Nigerian oil vessel, christened “African Prince”, has been jointly seized by the Ghanaian Air Force and Navy in Tema. A 39-year old Nigerian, the chief cook of the vessel, was found dead on board.....


Liberia ordered to pay 'vulture funds' over 1978 debt

UK, Nov 28, BBC - A British court has ordered Liberia to pay two Caribbean-registered investment funds more than $20m (12m) for a debt that dates back to 1978......


Who's to blame for Climategate?

UK, Nov 28, Telegraph, UK - The publication of damning emails about climate change could literally change the world. Gordon Rayner reports.....


Soccer News Net Chooses Watson-Siriboe as the Nation's Top Male Soccer Player Finalist.

STORRS, Conn. - UConn defender, Kwame Watson-Siriboe, was named one of 34 of the nation's top men's college soccer finalists for the Soccer News Net Player of the Year Award.
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