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NPP-USA Exposes NDC Deceptions
From the Public Relations Committee

June 30, 2009

In the difficult task of defending the indefensible, the NDC-USA, in its so-called rejoinder to NPP-USA’s response to the ridiculous charges on President Obama’s visit to Ghana, did put in a credible effort in an attempt to camouflage its government’s ineptitude. Hence, since NPP-USA has gone on record to welcome and even encourage United States President Barack Obama’s visit to, there is no issue here. We, therefore direct attention to exposing the usual deceiving ways of the out-of-control NDC by stating the facts. This deceiving NDC party has misled Ghanaians for far too long, and the earlier they took notice that Ghanaians have wised up, the cleaner our politics would become.

Says NDC-USA: “We, of the NDC-USA wish to say categorically that the NPP-USA is ultimately responsible for discussions or comments that take place at meetings, virtual or otherwise, they organize for their membership, particularly where they fail to rein in outrageous sentiments or comments.”

First, coming from a party known to suppress free speech, that is not surprising. Their haste to term statements outrageous may be indicative of the reasons why new ideas are a scarce commodity in their out-of-control party. Second, a discussion entails multiple statements on a subject. There were no such multiple statements on the comment made by the non-member of the executive; so it did not even merit a response. Again, trying to characterize such a random statement as a decision of NPP-USA’s executive shows the deceiving NDC’s desperation. By this standard, shouts of “jail them all” at the deceiving NDC party’s organized meetings should be deemed to constitute the government’s official position. Then again who knows? May be that is how the out-of-control NDC formulates its decisions

Says NDC-USA: “Most of the months of January and February 2009 were used for transitional work, which the outgoing NPP ministers largely boycotted. Consequently, the NDC administration was severely hampered, since instead of receiving its briefing on the ministerial level, the transitional team had to establish the true state of affairs by engaging civil servants directly.”

It is noteworthy that, in spite of the violence and intimidations employed by the out-of-control NDC in the aftermath of its “victory,” which included indiscriminate and unlawful snatching of even legitimately owned vehicles, members of the NPP transition team discharged their duties diligently. Even when they were excluded from the $1.3 billion tea-party by the NDC members of the transitional team, they persevered. Transition notwithstanding, Ghanaians are able to “walk and chew gum” at the same time. They expect nothing less from their government. If a government has to wait before every single appointment is made before embarking upon the work of governing, then it is not ready to govern.

Says NDC-USA: “The press statement in question also wrongly alludes to the current NDC administration as being inactive in the face of the deteriorating state of the Ghanaian economy. The obvious question the latter raises are, how did Ghana’s economy get to this state of affairs in the first place; Is it as a result of the six months the NDC has been in office or it is mainly as a result of the woeful economic policies of the NPP led administration which was in office for the preceding eight years?”

Breaking News to the NDC: an economy cannot be put in cruise control – not even for six months. Within six months, the Cedi has lost 17% of its value against the major currencies, market women are complaining about sudden dip in sales, multi-national companies are re-thinking their decision to invest in Ghana due to the out-of-control NDC government’s assault on the rule of law, Ghana International Airlines has seen a sudden dip in passenger traffic. The deceiving NDC government’s response is BIO-NPP (Blame It On NPP). That gets old after a while.

Says NDC-USA: “It is also heartwarming to note that President Mills has drastically cut down on the number of Presidential travels, even when he travels he has reduced the number of officials he travels with (in comparison to the number of officials who used to travel with President Kufuor) and he has directed that the practice of paying per diem to the President during travels abroad be discontinued.”

Here goes the deceiving NDC again. When Ghana has to be represented in an official capacity by former president Rawlings, when both President Mills and his Vice are at home doing nothing, certainly “presidential travels” will be down. Furthermore, foreign trips by presidents are no vacations; they bring in investments. It stands to reason why foreign direct investments under former president Kufuor increased exponentially. By contrast, there is a beginning trend of negative foreign investment, a trend with direct adverse impact on the Cedi’s value.

Says NDC-USA: “As the law enforcement agencies investigate such cases, the Mills administration has reiterated its position and made it manifestly clear that no human rights abuses would be tolerated.”

Let’s see: A former Chief of Staff is interrogated for nine hours without his counsel present; a former Minister of Information is prevented from boarding a flight by unidentified hoodlums operating from “the security agencies,” who momentarily seize his passport when no charges have been leveled against him; a vice presidential candidate is roughed up, and his vehicle seized; a former presidential candidate has his vehicle unlawfully seized with no reason given; and they will not tolerate human rights abuses? They could have fooled us.

Finally Says NDC-USA: “We truly wish both Presidents God's success in their bid to better the lot of their respective peoples.

For once the deceiving NDC has made a statement worthy of the NPP’s concurrence. Next Issue Please.


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USA, June 29, Ghanadot - In the difficult task of defending the indefensible, the NDC-USA, in its so-called rejoinder to NPP-USA’s response to the ridiculous charges on President Obama’s visit to Ghana, did put in a credible effort in an attempt to camouflage its government’s ineptitude.....

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