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And now my take on the Mueller Report

E.  Ablorh-Odjidja

April 19, 2019

The Mueller report was released yesterday, April 18, 2019. It's a shame it took more than two years to come to the conclusions arrived at  in the report on the patently false charge of Russia Collusion.

But, at least, there was a conclusion from Mueller and his team of investigators.

One aspect of the conclusions, strangely, could best be described as a non conclusion – to be specific, a poisoned pill that sought to keep the charge of Obstruction of Justice alive and, thus, encourage House Democrats to continue the resistance. 


And indeed, the House Democrats have already seized the opportunity by calling the pill their “road map” for the impeachment of Trump. 

Special Counsel Mueller was charged to investigate two specific areas affecting the 2016 presidential election, which Trump won and Hillary lost.

Those two aspects of the investigation were:

a) Whether there was collusion with the Russians
b) Whether there were Russian Interferences in the 2016 presidential election.

But once the investigation got underway, the approach quickly betrayed the nature of its mission.  Suddenly, the two aspects of the mission became conflated into one: 


Get Trump because he won.

The assumption was, it was collusion with the Russians that brought Trump to power. 


Funny enough, Hillary and the Democrats had invented the "collusion" theme.  It was done soon after the 2016 election loss - and long before Mueller and his team were assembled.

Was this common theme a shared coincidence - a happenstance?


Definitely no.  But it could be part of a plan conceived by political rivals to get rid of Trump once he won the 2016 election.


Right from start, Mueller and his team began their investigation with a perception of bias problem.


None of the 17 of his special investigators was a known Republican, except, by hearsay, Mueller himself.

Thirteen of his investigators were known donors to Hillary and the Democrat party campaign of 2016.

One even served as a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation; a brass knuckle bias that went uncommented on by the Trump hating media.

Not odd enough, on the matter of Russia's Interference, the same media didn't seem to bother much about the mechanics of presidential elections in America:


That it involved more than one candidate.

Hence, the logic for investigation into a Russia interference ought to entail more that one target.  In this case, Trump vs. Hillary. So investigate both.

Hillary was never investigated at any stage of the process. The whole process was on Trump, his campaign and affiliates.


Trump campaign was scrutinized for Russia Interference as well as the Collusion. 

Media types like CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, all liberal outlets, provided enthusiastically so toxic an anti-Trump atmosphere that made it impossible for sane citizens to question the investigators' rationale and approach.

Finally the report.  It turned out that the hilarious Russian Collusion charge failed the test for any collusion. 


Not a single evidence for the charge was offered, even by Mueller and his team of anti-Trump investigators.  None. 


Not guilty, therefore in a real system of justice Trump, accordingly, was completely exonerated on that charge.


You would think the searchers for TRUTH would thereby be happy.  Rather, this part of the Mueller finding added to their frustration.


Outrage was immediately directed at the new Attorney General, Bill Barr for his reading and release of the Mueller's team report. 


There were immediate and awful resistances from both political rent seekers and some members of the media.


Why Barr and not Jeff Sessions for the blowback?


Sessions, the former Attorney General who recused himself and thus was a non-effective asset for Trump, and Barr were Trump appointees.

Under Sessions, the witch-hunt, as Trump had correctly described it, continued freely and truly in the nature of all witch-hunts.


Witch-hunts, by nature, never stop until the  target is damaged by the false charge that started them.

Mueller's team came to a legal dead-end with the Collusion as concluded by their report and read by Barr.


But, something was amiss in the first part of the report.  And and it was found in the second part under a new charge of Obstruction. 


Though Barr had read the points raised as none consequential to the law,  Democrats in the House of Congress found reasons in them to continue the harassment on the basis of Obstruction.


The report, in part,  was cleverly seeded with accusatory crumbs and Democrats, who now control the House, seized the opportunity to push for a process, which they hoped would lead to Trump's impeachment.

No crime of Russia Collusion.  Yet  there was Obstruction of a crime that did not exist.But that was exactly the road map they prayed for.

If ever there were a classic example of a circular argument, House Democrats and their collaborators had found it.


And what did Trump do to deserve the obstruction charge? 


He had vigorously fought against the charge of collusion; a baseless charge that sought to destroy him, his presidency, his business and his family.  Not to expect him to do so would be a violation of some law of human nature. 


But for Democrats, Trump's protests of innocence and frustration amounted to obstruction.


The process for impeachment in the House of Congress, controlled by a Democrat majority, started.  And a side of politics that was mean and would eventually prove to be destructive to the body politics of America kept unfolding.

No obstruction, but we are now comfortably settled in a police state tactics to find one.

Trump did not obstruct, as Attorney General Barr found after reading the report.


Even in the face of what Trump believed was a witch-hunt, he gave the Mueller team an unprecedented and unfettered access to millions of campaign, business and private documents.


Trump never once used the excuse of executive privilege in his dealings with Mueller, even in the face of what he knew was a witch-hunt.

With Michael Cohen, his personal lawyer who became Mueller's witness, Trump never raised the attorney-client privilege, which he was entitled to as citizen. 


He watched as the FBI raided Cohen's home and seized all kinds of documents -  all in the effort for Mueller to nail him.


Nothing came out of this raid that implicated Trump.

The investigations went on unimpeded by presidential actions, even though many of the principal investigators had personal cases of conflict of interest with the investigation.

Mueller, having been turned down a few weeks earlier by Trump to succeed Comey as FBI Director, ended up as the Special Counsel to investigate Trump.

Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, who recommended that Comey be fired, had also been accused by ex-officials of the FBI for wanting to wear a wire on Trump to trigger the 25th Amendment; meaning cause Trump's removal from office by a coup.

And sadly with Sessions, Trump had no Attorney General to assist him.

Jeff Sessions had already recused himself from anything associated with Russia.


Some have opined that the basis for Session's recusal was weak and that it could only mean that he was part of the opposition.


He never disclosed his intent to recuse himself to Trump, the president who had appointed him as his Attorney General.


But, Sessions stayed on for two years as Attorney General, giving the opposition ample opportunity to roll out the witch-hunt.


Sessions behavior, some concluded, should cause sane men to wonder about the depth of the conspiracy arrayed against Trump.


Eric Holder, who was Obama's Attorney General described himself as the President's “wings-man,” would never have behaved like Sessions.

Robert Kennedy was JFK's brother. And nobody cared.

But Trump had to be stripped naked of any assistance from his Attorney General, while the legal battle of collusion ragged around him, even though the whole process was a transparent sham from start.


Bill Barr, succeeded Sessions and saw through the sham.  He did his legal duty by the way he handled the Mueller report.

For that legal duty, Attorney General Barr became instant public enemy number one for House Democrats and some major media figures.


Why?  Because Barr was not behaving like Sessions. 


The report said there was no "collusion," but it was time to ignore Barr and the essentials of the report itself.

So, Trump who offered the Mueller investigators almost everything, except a face to face interview with the investigators, is now being set up by House Democrats for possible charge of obstruction for a crime that was found to not have been committed; namely, collusion.


There was no obstruction. Trump didn't fire Mueller.  Mueller completed his assignment in spite of the obvious perception of bias hurdle that his pro-Democrat party investigators raised.


But the witch-hunt still continues under the obstruction theme, a theme that has no crime base!

You wonder at this time who is seeking to destroy America, her institutions and presidency now; the Russians​?


Or is it time to wonder who had staged an attempted coup against a constitutionally elected president of the United States of America and failed?

E. Ablorh-Odjidja, Publisher , Washington, DC, April 19, 2019

Permission to publish: Please feel free to publish or reproduce, with credits, unedited. If posted at a website, email a copy of the web page to . Or don't publish at all.




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