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Amazing how racism is blind to its own bias

E. Ablorh-odjidja, Ghanadot


Pennsylvania is over and Hillary won.  How Obama fares in the polls ahead should not be a problem for him or Blacks.


It should be a problem for America because by the end of election 2008, America would have revealed her maturity, or lack of, in racial matters.  Hopefully, the revelation would be less profound than it was in the 2000 elections when it was said that the Black vote was suppressed.


However, and for now, consider how a man, born of a White mother and a Black father, could be considered strictly Black.  Then ask any White woman why this actuality does not grate on her motherly instinct.  But, don’t ask Hillary.  She has already spoken.


On from Pennsylvania, the tussle to lead the Democrats in the 2008 US presidential elections now depends on super delegates.  Hillary argues that she has won more big states; therefore, she is entitled to the super delegate votes more than Obama.


We can presume from her assumption that big Democrat states like California would rather vote for the Republican nominee than vote for Obama.  And that she has no concern for the tipping power of the Black vote, which traditionally has favored Democrat presidential candidates, including her famous husband Bill.


The above can explain why she doesn’t mind damaging Obama, even if that would mean offending Blacks.


Mr. James E. Clyburn, a Black Democrat leader in the House of Congress thinks that the Black community is incensed about the Clintons antics against Obama in the campaign.


Speaking to the New York Times, Mr. Clyburn said that “Mr. Clinton’s conduct in this campaign had caused what might be an irreparable breach between Mr. Clinton and an African-American constituency that once revered him.”


It has to be also said that of all White Democrat politicians running for office, it was Bill Clinton who gained the most from the Black community. 


“When he was going through his impeachment problems,” said Mr. Clyburn, “it was the Black community that bellied up to the bar.”


He added that “Black folks feel strongly that this is a strange way for President Clinton to show his appreciation.”


Indeed, the Clintons’ all consuming ambition has caused them to run over a favorite Black American son, Obama.  The message so far is the Clintons just don’t care.  They are White, privileged, and don’t mind patronizing Blacks.  Whatever the electoral damage, the Clintons expect White racial angst to kick in to balance the deficit that Black anger would cause.


This explains why Hillary will not allow the race issue dogging the Obama’s campaign to go away.  And in a bizarre way, she has been effective.  Her approach to hammering on the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s instance can be a perfect study in race baiting.


The Reverend Wright’s issue should have died by this time. Instead, it is the lie that Hillary told about Bosnia that is dead.


Her lies about dodging bullets on a tarmac in Bosnia, when in reality her experience was a serene reception seen on television, should have pierced her character and integrity.  Instead, it is she rather who adroitly uses the inflammatory remarks of Reverend Wright, a third person, to frame negatively Obama’s character.  And she is getting away with this pretence too.


So Hillary pursues the Reverend Wright’s topic, supported by characters like Hannity, a conservative Talk Radio host; and what a combination!  Both keep urging on the backlash from Reverend Wright to damage Obama’s chance for the presidency for good.


Principles considered, you ought to understand why the passion for a liberal’s defeat should concern a conservative like Hannity.  But when both Obama and Hillary are liberals, you ought to wonder what makes the difference for this conservative.


In Pennsylvania, White blue color workers have won the state’s primaries for Hillary. The Clinton campaign, after first creating the false impression that her victory was in double digits, have settled for a 9 point margin victory.  The euphoria from this camp is no less thick.


Ironically, the euphoria is about a candidate who just six weeks ago, going into Pennsylvania, had about 25 points lead over Obama.  Previously, she had been favored to win the nomination. However, with this 9 point margin, she is now declared the miracle worker! 


And with the miracle work declaration comes the spurious argument that in spite of being outspent on television ads by 2-to-1, Hillary managed to pull out this “magnificent” win over Obama.


One would have thought that having more money to spend on a campaign is a form of vote preference in away.  That Obama has more money to spend on ads because more people gave him money than they gave the Clintons.  But this fact does not play when it comes to the racial divide.


Curiously, when the campaign started and Hillary was ahead in the money count, how much one spent on ads counted as strength.  Obviously things have changed since Obama got to the top of the money poll. 


With no name recognition, Obama has managed to out raise and out spend the Clinton campaign machine by a 2 – 1 margin in Pennsylvania and to hold down Hillary’s delegate haul there.  It is Obama who should be called the “miracle worker.”  But will he be able to overcome racial prejudice to become the nest president of the United States?


The drama that is being enacted in this particular primary season is historical. It is not about Hillary being a woman.  She has and always will be White first.  Obama is Black, despite his mixed race.   Any attempt through the ages for the Black man to rise above his societal limitations has always been met with opposition.  Plessey v Ferguson was one instance.  So was Rosa Park famous bus ride.


And of course, like the Clintons, there are those who have insisted along the way on being surrogates for the Black man because they fear there would always be doubts about his readiness for prime time.

E. Ablorh-Odjidja, Publisher, Washington, DC, April 26, 2008

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