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$250m diversion a mark of NDC’s incompetence and corruption – Bawumia
Release, May 20, Ghanadot - “If you wanted to invest this money in Treasury Bills, why didn’t you just ask the Bank of Ghana to buy the Treasury Bills for you? Why do you have to lend the money to a Private Bank at 10% and borrow it back at 20%?”  ....

Only mad 60-year olds fault Kwame Nkrumah for Ghana's development quagmire (2)

Commentary, May 23, Ghanadot - Only mad 60-year olds fault Kwame Nkrumah for Ghana's development quagmire", on 15 May, to deal 4-square with the false, unproven narrative that Singapore's Lee Kwan Yew bettered Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah in development and economic performance.......More



$700,000 solar project to reduce Ghana’s power challenges

Ghanaweb, May 3, Ghanadot - Ghana is to receive some 100 mega watts of power in 2017 to help ease the power challenges confronting the country. ...It follows the award of a $704,815 grant by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) to Ghanaian solar power developer, Home Energy Africa Limited.......More


'God is Being Eroded, Eclipsed, Liquidated' in the United States, Cardinal Says

USNews, May 19, Ghanadot - In a keynote address at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, Cardinal Sarah said that in the United States, "God is being eroded, eclipsed, liquidated," Catholic News Agency reports.


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